10 British Things You Can Do In England

London is the top place in anyone’s list of favorite destinations. There are many different places to visit, and apart from that, its history is so intriguing with so many interesting facts and stories of royal families and also some budget accommodation London and star rated Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel accomodation. However, to get the real sense of the place, you have to think just like a British. Here, are few things that you need to do to blends with this beautiful city.

Drink Afternoon Tea
Forget coffee; tea is something more appealing to this royal city, and there are enough tea rooms in this place. Afternoon tea is something highly recommended here and drink, tea, in the white style, pretty much like the British them.

Watch Show At Theater
Theater is not only concentrated in the West End part of London, but every city of England has this advantage of lavish productions and epic musicals. The theater buildings are also truly epic, and most of them are built inside Edwardian and Victorian buildings that increase the beauty of this art.

Ride A Tube Train
Tubes are one of the best and necessary parts of London city, and there are high and efficient connections of this mode of transpiration all around the city. The Tube stations are as epic as the ride, and most of them have fascinating historical past as well.

Play Bingo
This fun pastime saw its first sunlight in this city decades ago and this tradition is still on to this day. There are also major bingo halls in many parts of the city.

Stroll Around Cotswolds
This is the area of outstanding beauty in West England and its every town, and little village is made with a stunning Cotswold stone which is bright yellow in color. This can be said as mecca of tourist from all over the world.

Moan About Weather
Moaning is a national past time in UK as you will travel through this country and experience a myriad of weather. The climatic conditions can sometimes be so off the charts that it might put out your whole day’s plan.

Visit To Madame Tussauds
You do not have to go all the way to Buckingham Palace and say hi to the Queen as you can do that right at Madame Tussauds in London. The lifelike was models are an absolute wonder. There is also host of other British celebrities to look for here.

Enjoy A Very British Christmas
Christmas is the most loved festival, and you will find many special markets scattered all over the city and town during this festival. Festive lights are something to look out for in every city of England.

Visit A Traditional English Pub
Nothing is more traditional and is all Britain than a traditional British pub with a pint of beer to enjoy. Visit with friends and enjoy some greatest moments of your life.

Hop On Hop Off Bus
The iconic red buses in London are the second best thing about transportation after a tube in this city. So, get into one of them and enjoy London like a true British.

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