The Spectacular Sight of the Sky Garden

In this article we are going to talk about a high rise building in London which is very different from a normal high rise building. When the building was first constructed people were very interested in the concave shape of the building which concentrated on the sun. If a car was being parked in front of this building then the whole body of the car would burn. It would get so hot that you might think it can burn. So basically the building has the power to destroy and gulp up things like any natural elements. This building was named Walkie Scorchie.

When the heads in the building got to know about it they immediately called up the builders and asked them to fix the problem. They were dead frightened. The workers used lots of metal bars to fix the issue. There is a greenhouse at the top floor where to get an entry you have to face a lot of trouble. This is known or rather called by the locals as sky garden.

Well you are let in without any pay. But before that you have to book a ticket online to get through. They ask you all your details as if you are a terrorist. This thing is very irritating. Because of these security alerts many people does not want to go in. Even after you have got a ticket and you show it to them they would ask you for various other id proofs. Basically for going in you need to carry almost all your identification proofs. Now that’s not done. When at last you get in you should never expect a garden full of blooming flowers and greenery. You will just find out some cactus trees, palm trees and some colorful flowers.

If you could avoid your thought of a Hanging garden then you will find the place much better. You get a wonderful view of the whole city from the 35th floor of the building. It’s somewhat very amazing. You have a café inside with a large open space for you to sit. If you could climb a few stairs then you will find an eating place which specializes in sea food.

From the top of the tower you can catch the view of all the main tourist attractions. You don’t even have to go and you can catch their glimpse just by sitting at one place. If you are on a holiday and you have children and old people along who doesn’t want to go to so many places but at the same time they want to catch a glimpse of the main attractions at least from a distance then this is the place for them. You have got your problem solved. If you want you can bring a map along with you as well as a binocular. You will find none of the things there. You have to carry your own things if you want a view of the attractions which are far away. Though you can spot a few attraction but if you try you can even spot the far away tourist spots.

Hotels near Paddington station:

Hotel Edward Paddington

Well there are many hotels near the Paddington station. But I would like to provide you with the information about hotel Edward Paddington. This hotel has a 3 star rating. Along with all the basic amenities you also get the specialized services. The hotel is within everyone’s reach. It has also got an excellent position. If you are on a vacation and you have woman along then the famous Oxford Street is very near to it. You can get a range of stores out there to quench your shopping thirst. The main tourist spots are very near the hotel. Even if you are late at night you will have an availability of public transports.

The rooms are well maintained and are kept neat and clean. The rooms are well maintained and are kept neat and clean. You can read the reviews of other gusts about the hotel if you want. If you are satisfied only then you opt for the hotel. According to me this hotel will serve everyone’s purpose. If you do not like the food of the hotel and you want to try out something else then don’t worry. You have some excellent restaurants and bars nearby the hotel and you can easily opt for that.

The staffs of the hotel are very well mannered and you can expect a very good behaviour and service from them. If you are facing a problem anywhere and you need some information then you can easily let the staffs know about it. You will feel at home.

Shaftesbury metropolis London Hyde Park

Shaftesbury metropolis has branch of hotels all around London. If you are looking for some excellent hotels then it is this. You can move in with your family and enjoy the luxury there. The hotel provides you with some very good services. The services are laundry services, coffee making machines in every room, air conditioners, 24 hour help desk, meals, gym room and much more are in store for you. The rooms are extraordinarily beautiful and well maintained so that you do not repent later on. Check on the hotels reviews and the rates. Book only if everything is according to your capability.

You can book the rooms online so as to avoid any type of chaos. If you are going to spend some days in the hotel with your family then you must book your room from before. You can also let the hotel staffs know that when you are arriving so that they can pick you up. You will get a homely atmosphere in the hotel. The staffs are courteous and they know how to deal with you. They are dealing with customers like you every day. This is their profession. Each and everything will be handled by them. You just need to sit back.

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