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London’s Undiscovered Areas

London is a metropolis with a difference and has more than eight million residents. People who come here really love the intriguing and unique delights that make up the city tours. Indeed these undiscovered areas in the city are those

8 Weird Things to Do in London You Never Knew Existed

London is known as the surprise holder among all the major cities in the world and this is the venue where you have some of the best things to do and experience. People living in the city for years will

Take a Peep into British Culture before your 1st London Trip

When it comes to European culture, in general, it can be said that there are similarities which can be observed to exist between the cultures of the various countries which make up the continent. This is especially true if one

Know what is at the back of Paddington station

London Paddington station has a great history and if you are a history lover then you can surely come here to learn a lot of things. Paddington station has a great history. Here we have mentioned a few points that

Best Views of London for Free

London’s skyline is an incredibly iconic feature of the city and when it comes to places to view the city’s architecture then most Londoners would agree that you are pretty spoiled for choice.  You can pay to climb to the

Enjoy Weekend Holiday In Liverpool

Summary – Are you having a weekend break? Go down to UK and enjoy some of the beauties the country has to offer. Liverpool is a great place to check out, complete with its very own attractions and offerings. A

The many marvellous art galleries in London

For those who have a passion for all things old and historic London is the city to visit. With a glorious history that stretches back to 2000 years, the city idyllically located along the banks of the Thames River is

Best London Discount Passes

If you aren’t careful a trip to London can be a very expensive undertaking. Accommodation, travel, eating out and attraction entry prices can all very quickly add up meaning that the healthy budget you thought you had disappears before you

Top attractions to visit near the Montcalm

London is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the UK and with good reason too! It offers an enormous amount in terms of entertainment, tourist attractions, cultural venues and historic landmarks to explore. The city also offers a

Top live music venues in London

Londoners, certainly known how to party in style! If entertainment is on your mind then there is no city better than the capital of the UK. It offers entertainment of every kind ranging from music to theatre, movies to dance