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Online Problems Hotels Face and How to Fix Them

Although running a hotel has never been a simple business, it is fair to say that in recent years it has become more complicated than ever.  Savvy travellers come with their own list of expectations and hotels are now expected

Enjoy a sightseeing bus tour of Cambridge

Cambridge is out of the most historic cities to visit in the United Kingdom. It is world renowned for its famous university, founded in 1209. It comprises of 31 colleges, with Cambridge University regularly featuring among the five best universities

The pros and cons of using OTAs and Metasearch engines to gain hotel bookings

A hotel company has to consider what will make them successful in the online world, and how they can reach their customers effectively. Having a website and social media presence is sometimes not enough and firms have to get outside

Why linking social media profiles to an online hotel site will help raise web traffic

In this modern digital age it is very important for hotel websites to sign up to a few social media platforms. The most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter and picture-sharing site Instagram. There should be social media icons on a

Sleeping Over on the Coca Cola London Eye – A Dream Come True

Are you thinking this is some sort of a gimmick? A marketing strategy by some travel sites? Then come to the Coca Cola London Eye on May 17th and take a look at the first guest who is going to

Shopping Options in Bayswater Close to Park Grand London Paddington

Bayswater is located in the heart of London and is an ideal place to stay for visitors to the city. Since most people visiting the city have shopping lurking at the back of their minds, they prefer to stay at

Features of Fat Tire Bike Tours

A whirlwind tour of London aboard a bus or a boat just will not get you the real feel of the city and although you would have seen many attractions, you would still not feel connected to the true spirit

Get the best accommodation London

In the event that you are arranging a London occasion then you ought to discover a decent settlement. There are diverse sorts of lodgings that offer distinctive room sorts. In the event that you are searching for a spending convenience

A museum for your little one

The British Museum is a normal place to take your adolescents. You can spend an hour or two yet additional circumstances can make you feel weakening. They can see the Rosetta stone and a portion of the purposes of intrigue