4 Beautiful Moonstone Engagement Rings for Alternative Brides

If you’re considering asking that pivotal question, then you have some shopping to do first. As all London jewellery brands will tell you, an engagement ring needn’t be a diamond. Gone are the days when all women expect a diamond solitaire. Modern-day women are attracted to a wider variety of gemstones and styles. Therefore, it’s really a case of figuring out what type of ring your future wife will cherish.

One of our favourite options for an engagement ring jewel is an alluring moonstone. It has a celestial, ethereal look which makes it unique among all other stones.

Engagement Ring

Why Moonstone?

Moonstone is a semi-precious yet extremely magical gemstone. Its ethereal luminescence (officially termed as adularescence) is produced by the diffraction of light.

Ancient Greeks and Romans associated moonstone with their lunar deities. In fact, the ancient Romans believed the stones were derived from solidified moon rays!
Moonstone deposits are found in numerous countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia and Mexico.

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Wearing moonstone is believed to have some emotional and spiritual benefits. It has the power to increase emotional stability by absorbing negative emotions. Experts at London jewellery brands also suggest the energies of the stone can also banish stress and help the wearer find calm. Whilst your engagement is a period of joy and excitement, planning a wedding can also be stressful at times. So a moonstone engagement ring might help your beloved remain relaxed during the process.

moonstone engagement ring

4 Beautiful Moonstone Engagement Rings for Alternative Brides

If you like the sound of things so far, that’s great. Now let’s look at some inspiration for a beautiful moonstone engagement ring.

1. Gold Statement Ring - Moonstone looks elegant with all different hues of metal – you can choose silver or any gold hue. You can set your chosen cut of moonstone within a gold statement ring of your choice when you visit Jewel Tree London. The professional jewellery designers will be able to prepare the engagement ring of her dreams!

2. Floral Band - As such a feminine gemstone, moonstone looks divine when it’s set within a floral design. Choose a gold vermeil ring design for a dainty, delicate piece. The vermeil coating is much more high quality than gold plating, and more cost-effective than pure 24-carat gold. After all – you have two more rings to purchase before the big day!

3. Antique - Moonstone has been used for centuries in jewellery design. So, if your alternative bride-to-be is also a fan of antique jewellery – you can visit antiquarian jewellers to find a vintage piece. If needed, your local London jewellery brands are on hand to resize your choice. This way you’ve ticked off ‘something old.

4. Handcrafted Bespoke Design – If you want to go all out, why not commission an entire engagement ring from scratch? This will require deeper pockets. On the other hand, you could opt instead to engrave a message on a gold vermeil ring from your local jewellers.

You can learn more about the qualities of moonstone on the Jewel Tree London blog




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