5 Effective Ways to Overcome the Bracelet Selection Problems

Women’s designer bracelets are a wonderful option when it comes to adding a finishing touch to an outfit. However, it does feel like bracelets and bangles are often overlooked. There are countless online jewellery blogs about other items of women’s jewellery. Today, we want to rectify that with a blog devoted to beautiful bracelets!

5 Effective Ways to Overcome to Bracelet Selection Problem

Bracelet Selection Problem

So you want to buy a bracelet. Or perhaps two? But where to start with selecting your new bracelet? We turned to one of our most trusted women’ jewellery brands for some shopping tips.

1. Command Attention with a Statement Bracelet

Command Attention with a Statement Bracelet

If you want all eyes on your new piece of wrist decor, you need to turn it into the centrepiece of your outfit. Choose a statement bracelet with a unique design and that’s all the accessorising you’ll need. For example, take this rose gold bracelet which was inspired by the Chand Baori step-wells. The hue will look incredible against a black ensemble. Another idea is to invest in a chunky cuff and slip it on for those days where you need to feel powerful.

2. Consider Your Comfort

Consider Your Comfort

So the above is great advice for a situation such as a job interview or a special occasion like a wedding. However, what about when you’re at work or running around in your day-to-day life? If you spend all day on a computer then that delicious bulky bracelet might not be the best fit – literally. In that case, choose something slender and small that won’t affect your typing. Take a look at this alternative rose gold bracelet which is more practical for these days. Well, you did say you wanted two bracelets!

3. Think About the Rest of Your Collection

If your jewellery box is bursting at the seams with necklaces, rings and earrings – it’s time to make a little index of what you have. Look at your collection and pull out pieces that you hope to wear more often. Next, hop online and browse online jewellery blogs to find bracelets that will complement some of these. That way, your search is more targeted.

4. Make It Personal

Give your wrist a personal touch by selecting a bracelet that features your birthstone or a stone that has properties relevant to you. You can browse online jewellery blogs to read up on gemstones that help alleviate stress, boost concentration or offer protection. The more thought that you give your bracelet selection, the more likely it is you’ll wear it for days upon days.

5. Call in A Favour

The trick to finding the perfect bracelet is knowing how tight you want the piece to grip your wrist. Some women don’t enjoy the experience of bracelets that won’t stay put. But, if you’re not experienced with wearing bracelets, how can you possibly know what you want? Why not ask your girlfriends if you can borrow a couple of their bracelets. This way, you can figure out exactly what is comfortable for you. Then you can splash out on some new women’s designer bracelets with confidence.

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