5 Luxurious Things of London Collection Men Fashion Week 2014

London fashion week is one of the most exciting and important events in the fashion industry. It started in New York and has since spread around the world at some off the most famous capitals for designers to show off their latest collections and ranges.

At the men’s 2014 London fashion week there were several key points to bring away with you. The top five and most memorable and luxurious take away’s are; the 90s fashion is still with us, or some might argue has returned, it’s fun, influential and very inspiring when it comes to using colour and prints.

1.    The boot cut trouser is back for the men, skinny jeans and narrow fits are soon to be a thing of the past, something looser and more comfortable is going to become more and more available for all men. It would appear that fashion is taking many influences from the 1990s. Top shops are the first to have the new range of boot cuts available in many different colours and designs.

2.    The suit is apparently a thing of the past, it is no longer, according to the experts, a suit is on it’s way out and having a more casual approach to fashion is on the up. Wearing the suit all week and dress down Friday is a thing for 2014, but wait for 2015, this is when dress down Friday will happen every day! Tailored cuts with a casual finish what more could man want?

3.    Being fashionable but keeping it low key has never been more simple, you simple just have to learn to expertise in the nott! It is that simple, a tie is no longer something that finishes off the look, a simple nott will do just fine, give you a finish, but also have a view of something a little quirky.

4.    Can you believe that almost 40 years on and we are revising and revisiting the 70s fashion, the styles and the prints are going to become more and more available and being bald and wearing colour is going to becomes something of today and not yesterday. Fashion should be fun and quirky.

5.    Then finally, there is something that we have seen again and again, and this year in 2014 the Japanese influence is back! It has been on the catwalks time and time again, and the collections that are going to be available are going to be the best ever. Watch this space as it is going to be filled with a Japan influence.

Fashion week is mean to be fun and exciting, it is when you are able to get the first glimpse of the latest ranges that are going to be available, it is one of the most important events when it comes to the fashion industry.


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