5 Tips For Perfect Planning Before Going To A Music Festival

When it comes to attending music festivals and getting immersed in your favourite music, you must be ready to go to any length to get ready and reach the destination in full preparation. To make it a into a weekend with some rich and lovely memories, you must get everything organised from the very start; you must not forget to take any important gear and you must make sure that all the members of your crew are there when you need them.

Here are 5 tips for the most vital to – do, when you are preparing to attend your favourite music festival that is going to be organised.

Music Festival

Be Prepared to Find the Most Suitable Accommodation Around

It may be so that you are not ready to put up in one of the best boutique hotels in Central London, like Park Grand Hotel London, you will find a huge number of cheap and affordable accommodation options all over London, as well as around it.

You can also add a package for camping at the site of the festival. This is perhaps going to be the most economical option for you. Remember London weather and do not forget water – resistant covering or canopy in your camping gear. However, pitching a tent may also not be great option when the festival ground is large with people moving about all the time. In such a case you may put up in a nearby hotel with the basic amenities and good food. Try to figure out which way the festival shuttle is moving, and choose your accommodation towards that general direction, so as to keep the transit expenses to a bare minimum. Sharing accommodation can also be a very good idea, and it will help you save a lot as well.

Get to the Festival in Style and Be a Part of Merry – Making

The time of a music festival is the period of being in your best of everything – fashion, style, individuality and mood. It is also a time to have a lot of fun. If you want to add to the excitement and liveliness of the music festival, you have to dress and make up in the most lively fashion. Otherwise, you can also go for a set of costumes for your group, a dress that would set your group apart from everybody else in the crowd. Whatever you decide upon, you can add a pair of boots to enliven things to a large extent, and also make moving about convenient and safe.

Select the Shows to Perform and Keep Your Crew Handy for Sudden eventualities

Nowadays, you have the great advantage of finding the schedule of the programme, the venue map and everything related to the festival well ahead on the Internet. At present you also have a festival app on your mobile device, where you can get to see the map of the venue, you can check the programme chart and then decide upon the shows that will match your taste and your group likes. The best way to plan this is to go for a single show in a time shot and give your best into the performance. Even in those where you are just the spectator, be quick to attend, so that you can get a good spot to watch. It is not a good idea to hop about between shows, such that you will not be able to enjoy any of them.

While moving between shows with your crew, make sure tht all of them know which stage to head for, so that even if you lose them, they will know which stage to approach and where to wait for you. At the beginning of each stage performance of your group, assemble in a space and then go for it!

Of course, there are going to be instances when you would like to lose your crew. Meeting new people is a point of great excitement and discovery. At a festival site, you are bound to come across like – minded men and women, whom you would befriend easily. Enjoy your time with your new pals. But don’t forget the show timings. And don’t be late to appear on the stage at any of the shows.

Pack your Gear Well, and Do not forget Anything

This is one of the most important aspects of going to a music festival. So, devote enough time in this job. Ask your group members to assist you in this, so that all of you can jointly work to ensure what escapes one’s attention, must fall in another person’s. It is very important to keep a close co-ordination of the things that are to be brought by different crew members. It is important to remind each of the m not to forget any of the vital stuff.

Even when you are inside the festival site and performing in a particular time –slot, it is important to pack all of your stuff quickly, so as to move on to the next show easily.

Apart from the music gears, you will need many such things that are required every moment. These are the most forgotten stuff, that might include:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Extra tissues
  • A lighter
  • Soft drimks

Try not to forget any of these, apart from the most essential music gadgets as well. And keep a good stock of food, water and soft and healthy drinks.

Getting the Right Festival to Attend and Arranging for the Transportation

With all the basics now arranged for and set right, it is time to select the right music festivals for you and your group to attend. Find out on the Internet about all such festivals in the coming days. Then decide upon which ones to go to, basing your decisions on the available accommodation options, the means of transport from your accommodation, may be in Hyde Park London or elsewhere, to the festival, or between the airport and your hotel. It is our advice to avail of the bus services everywhere as that happens to be the easiest and the most affordable way to commute.

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