6 golf venues to visit in London

When in London you must consider to explore and enjoy the beauty and vibrancy which this takes pride in offering every visitor with. There are several majestic things to see and do in the British capital and it often feels quite amazing to even think of a plan that would let them enjoy a happening time ahead.

There are several typical English things that you can look forward to indulge into while planning a London break. Although there are some people who strictly restrain themselves into visiting only a few places of popular travel interests during the trip and shop for their friends and family back home before returning. This is not going to give you an authentic feel of enjoying a British vacation. How many people on earth can actually afford to spend some amazing time here in London? Although there are millions of tourists who can be seen going out on a trip to London city on a yearly basis, there are also plenty of dreamers who are unable to arrange sufficient money or take out adequate time out of their busy schedule to plan a memorable trip to the city of London. London is the city which tends to fulfill the dreams and desires of millions of tourists every year. Now it depends only upon you how well you can actually look ahead to manage all the significant stuff.

If you are planning to do the London trip in the London way then make sure to spend some quality time in doing things which the Londoners can be seen indulging into for passing their leisure moments.

Golfing is most certainly one of the most amazing things to do for rejuvenating up your mind and soul. There are several golf courses which are located in different corners around the city which give you ample amount of opportunities to have a great time ahead. Although, people today prefer to spend their spare moments by hitting the pubs and getting drunk while enjoying a happening conversation with other like-minded souls around, there are also a few people who prefer to give priority to sports and are thereby seen enjoying a fantastic golf session at the nearby golf venues in London city.

if you are reading this and feel that a slight amount of interest for golf has generated in your mind then you can consider hitting the below mentioned golf courses while enjoying your lovely stay at M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel. This centrally located hotel gives you the pleasure to easily sweep through a large number of popular golf venues in the city without having to feel any sort of difficulties. Some of the most popular golf venues have been mentioned below. Have a look at them.

• Plonk Crazy Golf: This amazingly interesting golf course operates in 4 venues across the British capital. The golf game played here is indeed at par with excellence. With vibrantly hued decors and artistic exquisiteness, Plonk Dalston is happened to be the first of its kind to be opened in Efes Pool Hall. This is where you can come over to enjoy some crazy golf sessions. Visit the Brixton and Hackney courses as well where you will get to enjoy a scintillating golf session along with great food and drink.

• Dragon Quest Adventure Golf: This is a wonderful course to explore especially when you are near Shoreditch London. This amazing golf course allows you to enjoy 18 holes of dragon themed entertainment which is a hit among the kids dwelling in the southern part of the London city. If you have plans to bring your kids to the London vacation then you ought to take them to the Dragon Quest Adventure Golf Course where they can find themselves amidst a large number of fun-filled features including the famous monster footprints, caves, turrets, weaponry and some other water features which have been washed down with certain serpentine sound effects.

• Dinosaur Escape: This 18-hole golf venue has been styled in Florida design and is based in the western part of the English capital. There are several dinosaur models which are giant sized and almost spear to be having a life move, breathe and even roar around the course. All you need to do is to make sure that the roaring effects do not disturb your game. Overall, it is whole lot of fun here and you are sure to feel enthralled while enjoying a fascinating golf session.

• Swingers: This is the place meant for the grown-ups who are looking forward to have some enchantment during the trip. This is a crazy golf bar which incorporates tow nine-hole courses and five bars. The bars serve golf themed cocktails which taste absolutely amazing. Look out for a wide array of street food vendors into this extremely spacious golf venue. Next to see is the delightful faux foliage with ivy. Trees and wildflowers. Overall, this is most certainly one of its kind in London and you must consider to explore its eccentricity while you are actually here.

• Birdies: This is the rightful place where you should be seen at for discovering a wonderful overview of the city from Stratford. This is a nine-hole golf course which has an elevated drop that makes golfing here even more amusing. Enjoy your golfing sessions while sipping some of the most delicious craft beers and cocktails which are aimed at complementing the entire setting and backdrop of this mystique golf course on London.

• Junkyard Golf: This one is located in Brick Lane and is a ramshackle golf course where you can find yourself exploring a wide array of junk pieces that range from things that you may find in a car boot sale to several useless elements. There is a UV neon room and techno tunes paying all around for giving a thrilling ambiance o the golfers.

These are some of the golf courses you may consider to visit during your upcoming vacation in London city.

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