6 mews streets to explore in London

For every backpacker who is willing to enjoy and explore every single bit of their vacation in an amazing manner, all you need to do is to try out a London holiday trip.

The English capital is most certainly one of the most amazing places of interests where you could consider checking out a large plethora of sightseeing attractions in a happening way. No trip to London city can ever be completed without checking out the blissful sightseeing attractions. This is definitely one of the best cities in terms of captivating the senses of every vacationer in such a way so that people will feel grateful and amazed at the same time. People come here to visit London for different purposes. Some come here for exploring the architectural masterpieces, some for the artistic exquisiteness while others simply take a stroll around the city parks and take in the natural beauty and greenery. There is no lack of tranquility in the English capital. London is simply the place where everybody would like to be seen at. This is undoubtedly one of the best cities to see in the world where it is filled with a wide array of sightseeing marvels. Being situated right along the River Thames, it looks stunningly magnificent. You cannot really help but close your eyes and walk into the past where several historic events and decisions took place. London city is fantastic cosmopolitan which is considered to be a melting pot of culture, art and architecture. It is one of the most fashionable and eclectic cities in the world that seduces with the trending glamour and glitz. As a top trend setter, it is definitely a satisfying city which would cater to all your needs and necessities in the most amazing manner.

Fashion mood and culture are considered to animate the city streets. If you have been planning to explore and enjoy a scintillating vacation in the British capital then all you need to do is to check out the popular mew streets. There is nothing more entertaining than taking some time out of your busy schedule and visiting some of the prettiest mews streets in London. London is known for the streets that are decked up in a beautiful way to captivate the attention of both the residents and the visitors. If you are done with seeing all the most popular and must see London attractions, then all you need to do is to wander around popular city streets. If you are not accustomed to the mew streets then you must consider wandering around the streets of Chelsea and Kensington where you could stumble across a popular mews street. These mew streets are often hidden away right behind several brick archways. You need to make some effort to discover these pretty streets that keep up the tourism quotient high.

Most of the mew streets are positioned behind a row of townhouses. There are several little cottages located along the mews streets which were earlier used as stables for the townhouses. At present, these have been converted into million dollar properties. One needs to win a lottery to afford to stay in these places. Some of the most popular mews streets in London are mentioned below. You need to check out each and every aspect in a thoughtful manner so that you get to enjoy a blissful vacation ahead.

• Kynance Mews: Stay over at the Grand Royale hotel Hyde Park London which will help you in enjoying a happening trip. You will be surprised to notice that this mews street is filled with pastel shaded cottages. It is going to get a lot more eventful for you to check out these picture perfect mews street cottages on your holiday.

• Queen’s Gate Mews: As you walk the Kynance Mews, you will get to enter the Queen’s Gate Mews which is known for offering every visitor everything that one needs to feel entertained throughout the time. This street is covered in cobbles and the cottages make the streets look more attractive.

• Atherstone Mews: If you have been planning to take a trip to the Natural History Museum, then it would get easier for you to quickly enter this amazing Atherstone Mews which is considered to be one of the brightest mews of all time. With all the houses decked up in shades of purple, pink, yellow and blue, it gets eventful for every person in a fascinating way.

• Prince’s Gate Mews: If you are planning for exploring a colorful entertainment then you ought to visit the Prince’s Gate Mews that is located behind the V & A Museum. It is divided into three segments. It is positioned in Westminster and Kensington.

• Ennismore Garden Mews: Since all the mews streets are located close to one another, it gets easier to visit Ennismore Garden Mews while taking a stroll form Prince’s Gate Mews. This is a lovely cobbled spot having little cottages with wrought-iron balconies.

• Spear Mews: Put up at the hotels near Hyde Park London and it will get easier for you to explore Spear Mews which is located right off the Earl’s Court Road. There is a little oasis where one could enjoy a calm and composed ambiance which is filled with cobbles, flowers and gorgeous little cottages.

These are some of the most popular mews streets in London which are aimed at captivating your spirit of vacation in a happening manner. London is known for fulfilling every person’s time and energy in such a way so that you could have a splendid time ahead. If you are planning to enjoy a refreshing walking guide and that too in depth then you must consider to follow the guided tours properly. This will give you an insight on how to enjoy a blissful vacation and that too in a convenient manner. London is known for captivating every person’s attention in a blissful manner and you would feel surprised to enjoy its beauty thoroughly.

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