6 Of The Best Sterling Silver Rings For Women


If there’s one piece of jewellery that all women can rely on, that surely must be a go-to silver sterling ring. As much as we adore gold, we know that many women prefer silver during the day. We’ve scoured the best jewellery brands to uncover the best silver sterling ringsfor women available right now. So, what are you waiting for, browse our list and order your favourite design today?

Stacking Rings -

Stacking rings are the ultimate way to add a distinctly modern touch to an outfit. You can stack your fingers with a cluster of your favourite rings to communicate a story and enhance your personality. Or, you can pick up a set such as this 5-ring ensemble and you’re all ready to hit the road! To create an even more unique look, you can invest in a set of gold stacking rings and mix them up.

A black onyx ring such as this is highly versatile and can transition effortlessly between formal casual wear. Black is forever stylish, forever in fashion. So that’s why every woman’s jewellery box should have at least one piece of black onyx jewellery. We love that this semi-precious stone is accessible to all budgets. Silver sterling has been coated in a high-quality finish to create this gold vermeil ring.

This lapis lazuli ring caught our eye for it’s intense blue hue which can set an outfit alight. Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone which has been admired since antiquity, and we can see why it’s upheld the centuries to remain popular today. A ring such as this lends itself to formal or casual commitments and will make a wondrous gift for women of all ages.
Baori Crown RingDoes this ring look familiar? Its eye-catching design was inspired by the architectural beauty of the ancient Chand Baori step-well of Rajasthan, one of India’s most popular attractions. In fact, Baori is the Sanskrit word for the step-wells! Perfectly symmetrical, architecturally sound and engineered to last for centuries – we’re not only talking about Chand Baori.


Forest Leaf Ring

We love the unique shape of this leaf-shaped ring, which is reminiscent of ancient Greco-Roman jewellery. The hammered technique results in an earthy image which we think makes even more of a statement when worn on the thumb. Made with traditional techniques, we love the way the texture catches the sun and shimmers!


Double Ring

This a ring that will make you (and everyone else) look twice! Remarkable simple, the double ring clasps two fingers. The band is slender and feminine and may be coordinated with chunkier rings to create a brave look. Wear it solo to channel minimalist chic.


Remember, when shopping for sterling silver, the metal should contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It’s often identifiable by the term 925. Sterling silver has been used for centuries for making coins, ornaments and sculptures, as well as jewellery. Shop with the best jewellery brands for the best quality.


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