6 places that celebrates the rich sporting history of London

London has been a pioneer in many sports. One of the most popular sports in this world, Cricket was invented here and spread to other parts of India. The city has a rich sporting history, which dates back to several hundred years back. London celebrates its rich sporting history with great fervour. There are several places in London, which show the glimpse of the sporting culture which the city has been following from earlier times. Football is a sport which is also a celebrated one in England. Football clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool and Barcelona are some of the most popular clubs of England, which have fans not only in London, but across the globe. The game of football, different from its current form was played in London as early as the 13th Century. In the 17th century, the game was codified in London and the world’s oldest football association was established.

London has also hosted several sporting events like Olympics, Paralympics, Common Wealth games, FIFA World Cup and many more. Apart from Tennis, Cricket has also been the favourite game in London and the entire England. The game also originated in London and spread to the rest of the world. Other games that are played and followed in London are rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Rowing and several others. If you are a sports enthusiast, London is bound to attract you. The city has several places where the tourists can relive the old era of sports and see how various sports have undergone modifications in the recent times.

Make sure you visit these 6 places to witness the rich sporting history of London and England as a whole.

Rom Skatepark, Hornchurch   

The speciality of the park is that it is the first skatepark to be listed in Europe and the second in the world. Adrian Rolt and G-Force is credited for building the park who were the topmost skateboard designers in 1978. During the 70’s England was gripped with skateboarding and people were highly enthusiastic about it. It led to the building of several skateparks, however, most were destroyed as the popularity of the sports saw a decline. The Rom is among the few survivors and stands as an epitome of skateboarding culture of London.

York Hall, Bethnal Green

York hall was constructed in the year 1920. It was first used by the people for swimming and bathing purposes as there was a swimming pool and bathhouse here. 40 years down the line, it became a major venue for boxing and hosted several boxing fights involving legends like Chris Eubank, Joe Calzaghe and Lennox Lewis to name a few.

Former diving board at Purley Way lido, Croydon

It is a concrete diving board which was built in the year 1935. The board stands as one of the three surviving diving boards of that era. During the time, it was built, it was considered as the epitome of modernity. Even today, it is hailed as one of the most splendid Art Decos Lido of the city. Many swimming enthusiasts witness the board to relive the history and reminisce the bright past.

Summer Pavilion, Beckenham Tennis Club

Beckenham Tennis club at Summer Pavilion is one of the oldest tennis clubs of the world. The club has been the venue of Kent All-comer’s championship for over a century. It was first grass court tennis event which was open for professional tennis players. The pavilion was actually built for women in the year 1896 as they were excluded from the main pavilion.

Former Squash Court at Rivercourt House, Hammersmith

Squash was one of the most famous sports in England once and is still so. The squash court at Rivercourt House in Hammersmith was a favourite spot for squash players since its commissioning in 1930. The design of the building where the squash court is situated is quite impressive due to its location next to River Thames. The building had been embellished with exquisite sculptures by Gertrude Hermes, who was a local artist. The squash court at Rivercourt House was commissioned in 1930 by Naomi Mitchison who was a poet and novelist. The home of the great writer was also the centre of art and literature.

Grandstand at Summers Lane Sports Ground, Barnet

The grandstand is among the firsts in England, which used the technology of a concrete roof, which could be opened using cantilever and made to cover the ground from above, so that the match could proceed even in the case of rain or other interruption. The grandstand was constructed in the year 1930 which involved Sir Owen Williams who was one of the engineers credited with construction of Wembley Stadium. The Grandstand at Summers Lane Sports Ground is one of the few of its kind surviving until now.

Choosing the right accommodation in London

When you are choosing the accommodation in London, you must ensure that the underground station is quite nearby so that you can easily walk down the station. There are many areas in London like Central London from where tourist destination like Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, Portobello Market, etc. are nearby. And the tourists can take tube to reach all such destinations. If the shopping destinations are located around the area, it is an added advantage. Due to the closeness to tube station and other public transport services, business travellers and tourists will not face any problem in commuting to other parts of London. Being a centrally located, rest of the places in London is within reach.

London is frequented by business travellers as well as holidayers alike. Being the capital of U.K and home to so many monuments and shopping destinations, people travel to London to experience what the city has to offer. However, accommodation is one thing that is a major concern while visiting London. Either you have to spend a lot of money or end up staying in hotels that are not good and are located in inaccessible areas. Staying in such a hotel is a nightmare and your entire trip is wasted. You can stay at London Premiere Notting Hill and enjoy a blissful accommodation. For booking your accommodation, you can click on http://www.londonpremiernottinghill.co.uk/ and get great accommodation at affordable rates.

Summary: Make the time that you spend in London a bit more enjoyable. Explore the rich sporting histotry of the city with these 6 locations!

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