7 ways to style drop earrings

As all London jewellery brands will tell you, there is no piece of jewellery quite so diverse as the drop earring.

Drop earrings may rest just below the lobe, or they may skim your collarbone. On the one hand, they can be almost as subtle as a pair of small stud earrings. On the other, they can be big and bold and project your personality to the world. You can wear drop earrings to work or save them for when you’re off-duty.

Feeling confused? Don’t worry – to help you figure out how to wear your drop earrings, we’ve written a simple style guide.

1. Keep things simple with statement drop earrings

Keep things simple with statement drop earrings

Keep your look minimal when wearing bold drop earrings. We’re talking no necklace, bracelet or rings. Wear a pair of statement earrings from the Jewel Tree London which will cause everyone to stop and take note. It’s professional for the office as well.

2. Embrace feminine styles

Embrace feminine styles

If you’re drawn towards feminine fashions such as floaty skirts and kitten heels, reflect this in your choice of earrings. Browse for pastel hues, floral embellishments or unique silver earrings clasping dainty pearls. Take it a step further and seek out bows, hearts and cute little buttons.

3. Go boho

Go boho

Embrace an earthy look by injecting some bohemian spirit into your earrings. Pick a pair of unique silver earrings adorned with feathers, tassels and colourful gemstones. Don chilled clothing such as a maxi dress or culottes and wear your hair tousled to achieve the hippy chic look.

4. Balance your colours

If you’re going to wear colourful gemstones in your drop earrings, coordinate the rest of your clothes accordingly. If you opt for green onyx, pick out that same shade with a shirt the same colour. Or paint your nails to match your ruby red drop earrings.

5. Fly solo with a single earring

Fly solo with a single earring

If you have a particularly daring pair of drop earrings, you could work the trend of wearing a single earring. You’ll look confident and edgy. In the opposite ear, you could always pop in one of your favourite small stud earrings as a deviation of this trend or if you can’t bear an unfurnished ear!

6. Turn heads with diamonds

Turn heads with diamonds

If you’re attending a wedding or special event, slip into a pair of unique silver earrings encrusted with precious (or semi-precious) jewels. This may be diamonds, sapphires, onyx; whichever stone reflects your character. Pair back the rest of your outfit so that your earrings get their moment in the spotlight! Make sure the stones go with your dress, too.

7. Get geometrical for a modern look

You don’t have to be top of the class at maths to rock at geometry. Stay cool with an edgy pair of geometric earrings. Source the latest style from your favourite London jewellery brands and work them into your daytime look. Style your geometric drop earrings with jeans and a bomber jacket which you can rely on during the day and then glide effortlessly into an evening look.

Inspired? Then check out the latest collection at Jewel Tree London.

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