7 Ways to Wear Layered Necklace Like A Pro

Can’t decide between that brand new rose gold pendant necklace you were gifted, or that necklace with a jewel which always brings you luck? Well, why not layer up your necklaces?

Similarly to stacking rings, layered necklaces are a unique way to assert your style. It’s a way to bring together different elements of your personality to show the world who you are.

To ensure you look as stylish as possible, here are 7 ways to wear layered necklaces like a pro.

1. Coordinate your lengths with a necklace size guide

Coordinate your lengths with a necklace size guide

The trick to layering effectively is to mix up your lengths. You should steer clear of layering necklaces that are the same length – this will look too jumbled. If you are curating your own collection of chains to layer, refer to a necklace size guidewhen shopping. This will make your layering game look nothing but pro!

2. Team long layers with high necks

Team long layers with high necks

A smart shift dress or turtleneck that you wear to work will look sensational with layered necklaces. Choose a black shift and drape a naval-skimming gold pendant necklace with a mid-length gold vermeil necklace. Black really accentuates golden hues and will make your ensemble look utterly sophisticated.

3. Embrace vintage chains

Embrace vintage chains

Mix vintage beads and styles to create an antique layered look that you (and everyone around you) will covet. Bring together Victorian silhouettes, black onyx beads, shiny pearls and floral motifs to pull this timeless layered look together. Opt for a gold vermeil necklace to draw your elegant collection of layers together.

4. Charm everyone around you with lockets and tokens

Lockets, charms and kitsch little trinkets can be layered to create a whimsical, almost fairytale effect. Opt for a rose gold pendant necklace to anchor this look and work from there with your collection of lockets. We don’t know about you but we feel that a delicate rose gold necklace chain always suggests a touch of magic!

5. Mix old and new pieces

Mix old and new pieces

Rummage through your jewellery collection to find older chains and breathe new life into them by layering! Take, for example, a chain that you received as a gift a few years ago. Mix that up with a brand new gold pendant necklace and you’ll find yourself feeling rejuvenated.

6. Layer a lariat with a choker

Lariat necklaces look stunning on their own, but when paired with a choker – even better! Consider a rose gold necklace chain that clasps your throat, with a tumble of lariat chains cascading beneath it. This pairing will look wonderful with a deep v-neck shirt or blouse.

7. Throw your weight around

There’s no rule that says all your necklaces should be the same weight. Add some texture by mixing chunky chains with slender pieces, and bring together a variety of shapes and sizes. You could mix a simple necklace with ajewel with one or two beaded necklaces for a bohemian look!

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