8 Pendant Necklaces Every Girl Should Own

Of all the pieces of jewellery a woman can possess, there is nothing more reliable than a classic pendant. But wait – pendants come in so many different variations, how can you choose? Should you choose an urban pendant necklace or something more retro? Well, we think you need more than one!

Here are the 8 pendant necklaces that deserve a place in every girl’s jewellery collection.

1. Silhouette

The ultimate pendant; an elegant silhouette. Choose something striking which holds an outfit without the necessity for other accessories. For that reason, we love this long pendant necklace which features a reimagining of the Chand Baori step-wells of Rajasthan.

2. Charm

There’s no charm quite like a charm necklace, is there? The trick to a charm pendant is ensuring that your chosen trinkets are personal to you. You can invest in a special gold pendant necklace and over the years add more and more charms to it, to capture your own story for eternity. You may even receive charms as gifts from your loved ones to help you build your perfect collection!

3. Locket

As with charms, lockets may be a deeply personal choice of pendant. Traditionally, they were made to contain charms that would protect and ward off evil spirits. The trend evolved and now we typically store photos of loved ones in the locket. Whether or not you carry a picture, a locket is a pendant we think every girl should have in her jewellery box.

4. Diamond

There’s a reason we call them a girl’s best friend. Your diamond pendant is the type of accessory that you won’t wear every day, but for any time of special occasion, it’s there -ready to shine. Choose a shorter women’s pendant necklace so that your diamond sits close to your heart. It’ll make your eyes twinkle!

5. Contemporary

The funky design of an urban pendant necklace looks strikingly reassured against a casual t-shirt or winter knit. This is the type of accessory every woman can rely on, whether at work or play. It’s effortlessly cool for first dates, lunches and even popping out to the supermarket. Wherever you wear it, it’ll elevate your mood and confidence.

6. Medallion

Medallion and coin pendants are forever rotating in and out of fashion trends. For that reason, we say snap up the next one you see which catches your fancy! Choose a nice long pendant necklace with a coin and you can layer it up with a shorter chain for maximum impact.

7. Initials

A simple pendant with your initial is something that you can treasure for a lifetime. After all, your style may change over the years but your name is here to stay! You can pick up initialled pendants or customise a women’s pendant necklace of your choosing.

8. Pearl

We couldn’t leave the timeless beauty of a pearl of the list! As with a diamond necklace, a gold pendant necklace clasping a single pearl can be reserved for special occasions. Pearls are the highest level of elegance and look immaculate with a little black dress or floor-length gown.


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