8 Places To Discover While Walking Around In London

London is undoubtedly a treasure trove for those that prefer to walk it around. Whether you have a pre-planned route to do so or want to explore it unplanned, London has some of the best destinations to visit while strolling. There more than you are expecting to find when walking your way around London. From architectural wonders of historical buildings to idyllic and soothing parks and nature spaces, you can get just anything you want in London.

Legal And Religious Buildings
Well, the legal word might not sound so appealing, but the Legal London Walk covers the most important religious and legal structures of London that you will not like to miss out. This trail is not the usual one, and you can simply walk your way from any exclusive hotels in London like The Marble Arch by Montcalm London. You will begin your walk from Blackfriars tube station to Chancery Lane. Between the journeys, you will get to visit the Central Criminal Court, The Old Bridgewell House of Correction and not to forget, the original Blackfriars monastery.

There are more to this tour as you will also get to visit famous journalism center of London known as Fleet Street and before that, you will have to stop at Newgate Prison as well. It is one of fascinating tours to venture on, and learning about the unknown things of London. There are also many London Hotels Special Offers to avail in London.

London Of Charles Dickens’s
It goes without saying that Charles Dickens, one of the most famous English writers has its hometown in London, and many of the city’s landmarks have paved his way to success in literary journey. One of the popular city walks start a London Bridge and is given by Southwark Council, and it ends in notorious Marshalsea prison of debtors.

If you are familiar with the literary work of Charles Dickens then, this walk is going to appeal to you like no other. To start, with, you will visit White Hart Inn, that has been mentioned in his first novel, the Pickwick Papers and then, there is Saffron Hill, from where the village of Fagin belonged and also home of Oliver Twist. There are also few famous places from Great Expectations like Gray’s Inn where Pip used to work as a clerk, and there is also Barnard’s Inn where Pip was lodged with Herbert Pockett.

The Path of Thames
If you are first time taking on this walking venture, then Thames Path is probably the easy one to pick for you as it is also a part of National Trial covering 40 miles starting from Cotswolds to Thames Barrier. You can start your walk from either Westminster Bridge or Albert Bridge and take it up to Tower Bridge or further east if you are still willing to. No matter where you start from, you are bound to pass by Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses Of Parliament, Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe and also Tate Modern.

If you are willing to walk further east then, there is Greenwich, Canary Wharf, and O2 Arena before you will arrive at Thames Barrier. This trail ends at River Darent.

Financial Center Of London
Another walk is known to take you on a tour of financial center of London or as per the Local saying Square Mile. You can split this walk into three parts namely Tower-hill to Bank, Bank to St Pau’s and from St Paul’s to Tower. This tour is less busy and fascinating at the same time, and some of the major landmarks you are going to cover in this trail are Tower Bridge, Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. The Highlights of City tour includes Lloyds of London, Monument to Great Fire of London and also Victorian grandeur and Gherkin of Leadenhall Market.

Blackheath To Greenwich Park
If you want to get the most from your walks and that too amidst nature, then start at Blackheath where you will pass through Blackheath Gate and end at Greenwich Park. There are lots to see while you are at Greenwich like National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Observatory, and Royal Naval Colege; where restored Cutty Shark is placed.

Visit airy and the open Isle of Dogs and see sheep graze there as a mark of victory from developers at Mudchute Farm. Unlike the hustle and bustle of London City, you will be able to enjoy a treat of nature by visiting here.

Hampstead Heath And Village
Hampstead Heath is a place that is hard to believe for anyone that has been in the most happening city in the world, London. However, apart from the happening clubs and bars in London, it too boasts of 790 acres of greenery which is wild to its core and located on the edge of London. If you are looking for a place to escape the business of this city and spend a day with London at its greenest best, then, this is the place to be.

However, this place too, has clubs, bars, and restaurants. But, you would like to skip that for the breathtaking views it provides from Parliament Hill.

Kensington And Knightsbridge
If you want to combine a leisurely walk with some shopping and fun, then stroll on the streets of Kensington and Knightsbridge. Entering into Kensington Gardens might seem like a dream walk with twinkling lake and birds chirping all around. It provides an idyllic view and is perfect for picnics, relaxing and enjoying romantic walks.

Visit the Kensington Palace café and enjoy coffee after walking. There is also Serpentine Gallery for taking a look at contemporary art.

Westminster And Whitehall
If you enjoy the political London, then you will cherish this walk. If you want to start from Victoria and head north east then, you will see places like Palace of Westminster, Elizabeth Tower, and Westminster Abbey. On the other hand, if you are heading towards north from Parliament Street, there is host of official building to cover including Nelson’s Column and Trafalgar Square.

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