8 Weird Things to Do in London You Never Knew Existed

London is known as the surprise holder among all the major cities in the world and this is the venue where you have some of the best things to do and experience. People living in the city for years will have a better idea regarding these unnatural sports to try and feel excited. In fact, this is meant for the tourists who are on a long term tour and they have some of the offbeat activities to do in this exotic and new location. In London you will have some of the best memories to last you a lifetime. You have some of the best attractions to visit. These are interesting destinations to make you learn regarding the essence of the London city.

The Experience of White Water Rafting - London has some of the iconic landmarks and the place holds some of the weird experiences to help you feel the essence of remarkable London living. You can go for the white water rafting. This activity concerns the mighty Zambezi River. This is an act which is only possible in London. You have to be there at the Lee Valley White Water Centre and this is just on the exterior part of the city at the Waltham Cross. This place was specifically constructed for the hosting and the showcasing of the slalom events as part of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Hampstead Swimming Experience – You will also love the experience to swim in the Hampstead Health’s ponds and this is something possible even in the winter months. However, the best of the London Parks don’t allow you to swim but the trendy Hampstead is always an exception. You have the swimming arrangements done on the heath and with the lifeguard you can stand and watch the activity in full motion. This is made to happen at any time of the year even when the weather is chill outside.

Odd Eating in London – There are people in London who are just obsessed about food and they don’t prefer sitting at one boring restaurant and keep on munching for the rest of the day. The latest fad these days in London is the Pop Up Restaurant or you can even call the same as the Super Club. It seems like the next dining location and sitting in the disused railway carriage while enjoying the food is really something special and out of the way extraordinary. You can even sit and eat at one of the posh restaurant at a time which is really not the best hour to enjoy the food. This is an instance when eating can really be a thrill in life.

Comedy Walking Tour – You have the London Comedy Duo offering with the awkward walking tour. This is the tour which is surely not a learning experience for you. The tour seems exciting in case you have the apt sense of humour. You walk along the London South Bank and you have lots of things to laugh at. Here you also get the irreverent views of the city of London. In the way you get to watch the aspect of the London city which you have never seen in your life in the past.

The Underground Shelters – At the time of the Second World War there were several platforms of the London underground and these places were being randomly used for the reason of air raid shelters at the time of the bombing raids. In the year 1940 there was the beginning of the construction of the deep level shelters for all the vital reasons and the thought behind was to build after the war to make the part of the express train route just beneath the city of London. You have the planned ten shelters and the buildings were made to withstand the ravages of the bombardment.

The Butcher’s Workshop – In case you are living at the Montcalm London City At The Brewery Hotel you are sure to have the best experience in life exploring the absurdities of the London City. Here you can get hands on the butcher’s workshop. This is the perfect destination for the London foodies who don’t mind to feed on pigs. These people will not mind visiting the Ginger Pig Butchery and this is based in Marylebone. This is the place where you can take part in the unusual workshop and this gives you the opportunity to have a learning of everything that you need to know regarding the body of the animal. It is just about getting sure whether you are eating right.

The View from the River Thames – It is true that the Thames River is not one of the finest London attractions. However, you would love sitting in the cable car which starts from the Greenwich Peninsula and takes you to the Royal Docks. This is from where you get the best view of the city from the River Thames. The official name given to the arrangement is the Emirate Airlines. The place is immensely popular from the time of opening. The advantage of the place is that you don’t have to stand in queue and wait for your turn. This is an open London view for you to enjoy.

London Sales to Boost Your Aspirations – In London you have the car boost sales. This is the best place for you to have the fun of bargaining. This is same as the yard sale or the garage sale. This is something that you would find happening in all parts of the capital. By fun you get in hand the funkiest vintage attires and there are more things like trinkets and the sale is made to happen on all Saturdays and Sundays. For the purpose you can be at the Stoke Newtown and you can even take part in the Princess May Car Boost Sale. This is definitely a lifetime experience for you and it is right for you to relish the sales experience with all the goodness.

Putting all things together it is a great way you can enjoy the weirdest London stuffs and this is an experience you can really narrate to others mentioning the specialties and the extraordinary traits that you would love to explore at the time of perfect London stay.

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