A Complete Guide to Discover London at Its Best

If you are travelling to the capital city of England make sure you have ample time to travel around the city. A short visit won’t suffice your purpose of having fun. No matter for whatever reason you are visiting London there is something in store for everyone coming here. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. Year by year the count of vacation travelers keeps on increasing and so is the popularity of this ultimate holiday destination. As far as things to do and places to see are concerned, the capital city has no dearth of options. From the most historic to the most magnificent structures and most visited attractions there is a lot to see.

For spendthrifts the options are unlimited, however even budget tourists need not compromise on the fun. They can probably roam around the most well known yet free attractions and sightseeing. The Imperial War Museum and Tower of London shall surely fascinate history buffs, whereas on the other hand the admirers of theatre or art will get an eye candy at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the National Gallery. Though, there are numerous places which are a must see in London, but time is a constraint for each and every tourist visiting the city for leisure. Thus, we have shortlisted few worth visiting places in order to make it convenient for people to plan their itinerary well.

As far as things to see in the city goes, entertainment is a must to talk about. Plenty of modern entertainment venues surround the city. The new theatre venue is one of its kinds which is a modernly constructed building and is a fabulous entertainment site for both locals and tourists alike.

St Paul’s Cathedral:

History of England always fascinates tourists. Irrespective of the number of times you are visiting this place or even if you are a first timer these splendid monuments and landmarks are a must listed in your itinerary. No one would want to skip an amazing Anglican Cathedral which is none other than the St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is one of the well recognized sights in London and even if you are a first time visitor you must have heard the name of this cathedral. It is sited on the Ludgate Hill which is the highest point of the City of London. St. Paul’s is a place where several important services were held in the past and even in daily routine this is a busy working church.

Hyde Park:

When it comes to green spaces and parks in the city, it is impossible to forget the Hyde Park and the very well known Kensington Gardens. These ultimate relaxing spaces in the city allow you to meet your inner self. Hyde Park as we all know is one of the Royal and the largest parks in the city. Have you heard about Speaker’s Corner? The park is famous for the same which holds all kinds of demonstrations and protests. Hyde Park is adjacent to yet another beautiful green landscape, Kensington Gardens. Kensington Garden covers an area of around 275 acres and offers plenty of events especially during the summer time.

Tate Modern:

Are you are history lover? If yes then you must visit well-liked and admired galleries and museums. The best part about these museums is that most of them have no entry fee. Tate Modern in Southbank is a prominent art gallery which houses a great collection of contemporary and modern art. It is a free national museum and is rightly situated on the banks of River Thames. One can catch a glimpse of the fabulous art works by renowned artists such as Bonnard, Picasso, Dali, Pollock and many more. Other than Tate Modern other best museums to explore are Tate Britain, British Museum and Victoria & Albert museum.

Portobello Road:

If you are wandering around the city as a holidaymaker then how can you forget shopping? No matter if you have budget constraints, shopping is considered a must here in London. Just like the city, the markets here in London will offer a blend of modern life and history. The city houses some of the most loved markets. Portobello Road is one of the most unique ones here. It is ideally situated in the Notting Hill considered as the glorious part of the city to discover. This market features plenty of shops and stalls selling all kinds of vintage and antique goods. If you plan to buy some souvenirs for your family and friends back home then this is the market to be at. Variety of food stalls and clothes lie in the centre of the market and near to the shaftesbury hotels .

Hampton Court Palace:

Hampton Court Palace is an epitome of luxury and is one of the most loved palaces in the city. A visit here will make you taste the royalty which the monarchs have. The palace was once a home to the King Henry VIII. Just like other palaces in London this one boasts of spell bound gardens and lush green landscapes. It even houses a famous hedge maze. The palace has the only existing royal chocolate kitchen which dates back to the 17th century.

As a tourist the most important thing other than your itinerary is to look for an accommodation. Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel proves to be an ultimate holiday base for vacationers and also offer a restful sleep.

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