A Date With Art & Culture History In London

The most remarkable feature about the British capital is its affinity towards anything that has history, art and culture associated with it. No wonder, London is among the most highly regarded cities when it comes to art, culture and heritage. If this is your first trip to London then there are a number of things that you should be aware of. Some will make sure that you do not overshoot your budget while the others will help you enjoy the city to the fullest. Make sure you have this blog bookmarked for reference when you will be planning the trip.

The first point to consider while going to London is the accommodation arrangement. Accommodation us quite easily available in the city and there are plenty of options as well. However, when it comes to keeping the budget of the trip within a limit, it is important that you take special care while finalizing the place you will be spending your holiday staying. Make sure that the accommodation is not too far away from the center of the city where most of the attractions are present. However, hotels in the heart of the city are also quite high priced and thus might not fit in to your budget. You may check out the 5 Star hotels in London West End where there are special rates available as well. These are some of the finest hotels in the city and located conveniently from the major tourist hotspots. If you are particularly careful, they will not overshoot your budget.

Once you have finalized your accommodation, it is time to have a plan chalked out for your visit. Do keep in mind that the city is overwhelmingly filled with places of interest. If you are planning on checking out all of London in a single visit, trash that plan this instant. London is a city that cannot be covered in one visit. You will have to check out the major attractions at first and make sure that you do not miss out on the one which are free to visit. Yes, you read it right, there are places in the capital which will not require you to pay anything to visit. Among them are the various museums in London. It comes as a major surprise to many that the English capital has free entry to most of its major museums. Among these, one of the most remarkable is the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The Victoria & Albert Museum is specifically dedicated to art and culture. This grand museum has got more than 3000 artifacts which have been collected from across the globe. Thus, it can be said that the Victoria & Albert museum is nothing less than a mini collection of the art and culture of the world. It even houses British artworks from the period of 1500 to 1900. The displays contain all sorts of art works, from pottery to furniture to ceramics to sculpture to photography, and much more. If you are a true lover of art, this is a place that will hold you for hours without you ever realizing. Even if you are not too enthusiastic about art, this is a place that you must visit at least once. The beauty of various forms of art is hard to miss.

While on a trip to the Victoria & Albert museum I felt that this is not a place for kids. I admit that I was highly mistaken. This museum has special workshops for kids and adults as well. I was amazed at the number of kids attending those workshops enthusiastically. After all art is something that can transcend the barrier of language and speak out to anyone. The gallery backpacks from the museum was an added attraction for sure. So, you can be pretty sure that your kids will not feel bored while on a trip to this museum. The number of displays are overwhelming and as kids as, they always find something of interest at any place. Victoria & Albert Museum can be the perfect location for a family outing.

The museum is open all round the year and thus you need not worry about reaching on a closed day. It opens at 10 in the morning and remains operational till 5:45 in the evening. If it is a Friday, you have got till 10 in the night to check out all the artworks and displays. Reaching Victoria & Albert is not difficult. Simply take the tube to South Kensington and you will be there in no time. Besides the museum, when you are in the area you can even plan a great outing in the Kensington Garden and Hyde Park.

The Hyde Park and Kensington Garden, both Royal Parks & Gardens, are just adjacent to each other with the Serpentine Lake in between them. It is the perfect place to have a family trip. Together with the Victoria & Albert Museum, you have got a great plan for the entire day. Since there is basically no entry fee into the museum, you can plan a small picnic in the afternoon in the Royal Parks and Gardens and return to check out the rest of the museum once you are done.

London is a pretty big city and with such a huge number of attractions spread all across it takes time to check out all. However, it is best if you can travel on foot and check out the major places as this is the best way to enjoy every aspect of the English capital. At the end of the day, simply head out to a Spa at Montcalm and get the best personal care and treatment. It will get you rejuvenated and all fit and ready to hit the bed and begin your exploration of the royal capital the next day with renewed enthusiasm.

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