A Date With The Royalties Of London – The Favorite Hangout Spots Of London Royalties

Summary – London is known to various people for a variety of reasons. However, one point is prevalently constant. London has a deep connection with the royalty of England. This makes it one of the most popular royal venues in the world. What more, you might even catch a glimpse of some of the royal celebrities of the country. Read on to find out where the royals of London hang out during their spare time.

London is a city is with many attributes. It is known worldwide for a wide variety of reasons. For some it is the business capital of UK or England. Some consider it as one of the most important business centers in Europe. For those who love travelling, London is among the dream destinations in Europe. A trip to Europe will most certainly include London in the itinerary.

So, what is it that makes it so special among all the cities in the world? London does have some of the best attractions in the world. It is full of wonderful places having a deep link to art, culture, and history. However, that is not all that makes London famous. Even a century ago Great Britain used to rule a large segment of the world. Even though monarchy has long been abolished from United Kingdom, the royal family and anything related to the royal family is of great interest on global scale. When asked about the major places people wish to visit in their trip to the British capital, it contains an overwhelming number of royal sites and heritage places.

London is still known as the royal capital. The numerous palaces and royal gardens and parks receive a huge footfall every year and all year round. If you check out the travel catalogues for London, you are bound to find the names of a large number of palaces located all across London and some more in the adjoining regions. Also, almost every palace comes with a royal park or garden which is equally beautiful and charming. The places do have their attractions. However, the real charm lies with getting to know the royalties in a more personalized way. Certainly that’s not something which is possible in the real world. But, is it really so? The nightlife of London has a special charm, and that includes coming across the celebrities and royalties and being able to catch a glimpse of them up close. Let me introduce you to some of the special places in the capital where the royalties frequent. But first, do not forget to get an accommodation at one of the city hotels London.

Cineworld cinema on the Fulham Road is a great place to check out some of the best movies in town. It is also quite a popular theater in London and a cinema where even the young members of the royal family go often. Thus, you might just find yourself getting into the same show as the next prince of London royal family. This is certainly the cheapest among all the locations where the celebrities and royalties of England frequent and thus the perfect place where you should if you really wish to take some special memories back home.

Located on Dover Street in Mayfair, London is a fantastic place to taste some of the finest drinks and cocktails and also find the young royalties of London. Known as Mahiki, this Hawaiian themed tiki-cocktail bar is a place of fine drinks and offers one of the best nighttime experience in London. The theme is a changing one and you can call them up to know about the current theme before visiting. The best feature about this place is that drinks are c heaper during the early evening hours and the price increases as night falls. The bar is a favorite among the paparazzi. This makes it amply clear that you are in the right place to get a glimpse of the some of the most elusive celebs and royalties in London.

If you are going to be in London for long or moving in to the capital, you might consider getting a membership at the Whisky Mist Nightclub. The yearly membership fee is £550. This is a premium membership nightclub which boasts of having some of the most renowned celebrities and royalties as the member. What better way to get up close and personal with these members of the elite class of the society? May be you will find your way into Page 3 as well. The place is certainly a little wild and thus greater fun for those who are young and wish to have fun in a private place. The club is for private members only and thus you will not be able to gain entry unless you are a member as well.

Kensington has always been one of the top rated royal regions in London. In South Kensington there is a nightclub by the name of Boujis. It is a private member’s club and the membership fee is £500 per annum. You may become a member if you are going to stay in the capital or frequent it quite often. The nightclub is a fine place to spend some quality time with the finest drinks and recreational arrangements. You will also be able to catch a glimpse of some of the well-known members of the royal family who are known to frequent this private club.

The aforementioned areas in London are among the most popular outing venues among both the royalties and other celebrities of the country. Whether you are on a vacation trip to London or shifting to the city for some time at least, you can always take your chances by visiting these places. Who knows what fate has in store for you? You might just get your place confirmed on Page 3 of a leading daily or even on the front page, if you happen to be really lucky. If no such incident happens, even then you have got some of the finest bars in entire London. The English capital is well known for its delicate and delicious drinks which feel like being made in heaven. Do not miss out an opportunity to take a sip of these finest drinks. The stay at The Montcalm Luxury Hotels itself is nothing less than a royal experience.

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