A Definitive Guide on How to Buy Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is timeless, versatile and elegant. But sourcing the perfect piece of gold jewellery can have its challenges, especially if you’re not well-versed on the specifics of this precious metal. To help you find your feet (and your gold) we’ve prepared a simple gold jewellery buying guide!

Know Your Karats

Know your karats

You’ll have heard the terminology ‘24-karat gold’ before. But what does it mean? Karats are the units found within gold, and every gold alloy contains 24 karats. So, 24-karat gold equates to gold in its purest form. Lower numbers of karats, such as 10-karat gold, reveals that other metals have been used in its craftsmanship. The higher the number of karats, the higher value the piece of jewellery.

Make a Note of Any Allergies

Make a note of any allergies

Leading on from this, nickel is a metal commonly used in gold jewellery with lower numbers of karats. Be mindful of whether you or the recipient of the gold jewellery you are shopping for has a nickel allergy or sensitivity. Seek advice from your jeweller in this case.

Set Your Budget

Set your budget

Purchasing pure gold jewellery can come with eye-watering price tags. Do some research in advance so you know what to expect to pay per karats. Pure, 24-karat gold is the most valuable type of gold jewellery on the market and has the highest price point. If you’re shopping for gold jewellery on a budget, fortunately, there are alternatives to pure gold which look just as good.

Search for gold vermeil jewellery

gold vermeil jewellery

The most attractive alternative to pure gold is gold vermeil jewellery, a high-quality form of gold plating. This technique consists of a base of sterling silver which is coated with a thick layer of molten gold finish. To achieve the vermeil status, the coating is typically between 14k – 22k gold. Vermeil jewellery is suitable for those with nickel allergies. You can rest assured that a gold vermeil necklace won’t break the wearer out in a rash. It is resilient, beautiful, and can be cherished for years.

Be mindful of who you are buying for

Be mindful of who you are buying for

If you’re treating a loved one to a new piece of gold jewellery, make sure you know what type of jewellery they prefer. Observe what they wear on a daily basis. Do they adopt a different style for work during the day to what they do in the evening? Do they like simple or statement pieces? Would gold stacking ringssuit their style more than a pair of gold earrings? If you wish to purchase a ring, take one of their existing rings with you when you shop to ensure you pick the correct size.

Ask for help

Remember that jewellers are your new best friend when it comes to your gold jewellery buying guide! Ask store assistants for advice. What’s new in stock? What’s trending right now? What options are available to you across gold jewellery and gold vermeil jewellery? Don’t forget you can always phone or email jewellery boutiques with any questions you have before you turn up.

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