A German Girl in London

In case you are a German girl in London you have all the best things to discover in the city. You have the best places to explore and this makes you feel like the fortunate traveller. There are reasons for which a German girl may feel that this is the most interesting part of the world where you can stand and rest and spend some hours of complete relaxation. In case you are a non Londoner you have the best scopes to know about the city in details. However, there can be instances when you will feel not so good about the place and you would think it right to pack the bag and move ahead. In London you can have places which are too crowded and this is the time when you feel to vacant but still you have options in hand. Therefore, it is time to explore German girl.

In case you love the city there are genres where you find imperfections. Still you can talk about the rest and keep on moving with the city life. That’s the way you can be in London and trust me that you would love the land for sure. London stands for the bright and the famous Westminster Palace. The place gives you the pleasure to walk across the Westminster Bridge on the perfect Saturday morning and you would find the locals avoiding the tourist spots on the weekends. In fact, it is a great thing to find the congregation at the Big Ben on holidays. The crowd is big and the people are mad about touring. They are not ready to miss the chance even for a penny.

Palace of Westminster
When the crowd is huge even Wembley seems small. This is just when you can take time to look at the Clock Tower and in case you are living in the other part of the city it will take time for you to travel to the place and discover the amazement of the sight. The clock looks big and boisterous and the German girl is happy to be in London to see time magnified so big. In London you can even discover the hidden treasures by chance. You can at best find the St Dunstan in East Garden standing in the mid way of Central London. You would also love to be at the Gothic Village at Highgate or at the Hampstead Hill Garden. There is even the Pargola in the Hampstead Heath. This is a chance for you to step and stop for a moment and succumb the purity and silence of the nature. This is the discovery by the German girl for sure.

Discovering parts of London becomes easy for a German girl in case she is having a stay at the M Hotel Shoreditch London Tech City. In case it rains hard then London is always the difficult place for you. You have to keep your eyes open when walking on the road. You have to avoid the puddles and the water logged lanes and reach to the place in style. In case you can predict the condition of the street in advance you don’t have to struggle much. You can form the picture and plan for the safest travel in time. This way the German girl won’t be drenched by rain in London.

If you are in London you have to get to the table in time. This is the usual London way. This is the time you can visit the wonderful café at the Southwark. You would be impressed with the mouth watering breakfast menu at the place and a waiting for couple of minutes will help you get the right taste of the food. This is a great way for the German girl to start the day. The England way is to stand in queue and eat. This is however, not the German way. The Germans usually feel exhausted to stand in line and wait for the food to be served. The customers are impatient and the waiters feel stressed to manage the crowd and ask them to wait for the turn.

The Germans prefer coming to London for they get the freshest food at the place. The markets in London are known for selling the fresh ingredients. You can discover some of the best stuffs at places like Brixton, Nothing Hill, Borough Market in parts of Central London and even Primrose Hill. Hopefully you will come to know about more selling points and this is one more reason why the German girl would come to visit every time. In fact, it is customary for you to love the exceptional London products in offer.

London culture includes visiting the London clubs and the London pubs. This is how people in London would love to entertain themselves. You have the best of clubs and the pubs in Camden and some of them you can even see at London Bridge. You even have the best places to visit at the Brixton Academy and the atmosphere is all the more fantastic and unsullied to allow you breathe the freshness in the air. This is the place to offer you all fashion, music and style and you would love the way things are being presented. This is the culture the German girl would prefer in the course of London visit.

The German girl would prefer to stay at the M Hotel Shoreditch London Tech City and then it would be viable for her to visit the best places of interest. It is also fun in London to make a space inside the tube. Passengers, newspapers and the rest, all seem interesting to make the tube journey so unique and exceptional. However, this is the normal method of London travelling and you are sure to find the right place for all things inside the tube. In fact, such a journey is all fun and entertainment for the London goers and even for the Germans.

London is the other name for exact sobriety and cultural interaction. You have the bins kept in every corner of the street and this makes you maintain the sanctity of the London Street.

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