A Holiday In Italy

The upcoming holiday season is the perfect time for you to take a trip of Italy if you already haven’t. If the trip if going to be towards South Italy, Sicily might just be the perfect choice in terms of destination. It is a beautiful and charming city in Italy. Italy is well known among the tourists for being a great holiday destination. Both the attractions of the city and the food are major draws for people from all across the world. When you are planning this trip to Sicily, make sure you have your accommodation reserved well in advance to avoid any untoward situation after you have reached the city. If you are looking for the best hotel in Sicily and really confused about which one to choose, my suggestion will be Hotel Principe Di Villafranca. It is a wonderful hotel which offers splendid accommodation to the guests. You will also be able to check out the various attractions of the city easily from this place.

Once you have arrived and settled, it is time to find out the best attractions of Sicily. Here is a list of some of the things that you must try out while on a trip to Sicily.

A trip to the Madonie Mountains is must when you are in Sicily. Anyone visiting this city is there for the mountain and the sea. The Madonie Mountains are the perfect place, whether you are a nature lover or not. The spectacular view of the entire island and that of Mount Etna is hard to miss out. If you are a little adventurous you will like to have some hiking and trekking on the slopes of the mountains. For a family trip you might wish to take a tour with the guides. There are mountain bikes also available which you will be able to hire and try out on this terrain.

While checking out the sea, make your way to the Isola dei Conigli bay. It is not only a great sea coast, but also the place where you will find a lot of turtles. You can actually tend to the baby turtles at this place. That is one of the most rewarding and fascinating things to do while you are in Sicily.

Italy is known for its food. There is no way you should miss out on an opportunity to have sumptuous amount of delightful items when you are in any city in Italy. Sicily is no different than any other city in the country. You will be able to spicy, salty, or sweet food, as per your choice. Besides the regular Italian food items, you will also come across the absolutely mouth watering food of the island, and there is a wide array of them. You will notice that the Sicilians are particularly very proud of their cooking. If you happen to be invited by one of them for coffee or any meal, never reject it. Not only because it will hurt their feelings, but also because you will be missing out on a grand opportunity to have some delightful surprises.

There is much more to Sicily if you care to explore. Keep a few days’ time in your hand and you will absolutely love what you find in this amazing Italian city.

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