A Journey Through The Chinatown Of London

Over the years various cultures have settled in this part of the world, London and brought some of the finest surprises with them. One of the best amongst them is along with people from different parts of the world started to settle in London they also brought their food culture along with them. And, over time, these cuisines from all over the world found a new destination in this vibrant capital of the city. So, whether you are looking for Indian, Lebanese or Chinese cuisine, you will definitely be spoilt for choice here.

Some of the The Piccadilly Hotel London also provides special menu so that the guests can enjoy the stay to the fullest. Apart from that London west end hotel deal and offers will allow you to take part in food walks and explore the cuisine which is as eclectic as the city is. If you are missing your home the best way to get close to them is fin a place in London where they serve food and cuisine from your hometown.

In case, you are missing Hong Kong and is feeling kind of nostalgic and longing for your home, you have the best surprise tucked away in and around Gerard Street.

London’s China Town For An Intensified Feeling

No doubt about the fact that, London’s five star restaurants serves some of the best Chinese cuisine. However, if you do not want to feel the punch in your pocket yet, taste the best of the Chinese Cantonese cuisine, then China town in London is the place to be. Let your senses take a trip to Far East by just walking north from Leicester Square and coming across the bustling hub of London’s East Asian community.

From authentic Chinese shopping to grabbing some bite to eat, it has everything one can possibly think out of Chinese. This place will reward you with fascinating flavors and good food that is hard to find elsewhere in the city.  This place is also ideal for budding chefs that can find authentic Chinese spices and vegetables from its markets. London’s Chinatown also specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and herbs that have known to the oldest book of world medicine.

After a tired stroll around the place, you can have a seat in any one of the food outlets and enjoy some Cantonese style food like Szechuan, stir fry or satay. There are as many as 80 different restaurants to choose from and have an authentic Chinese experience right from the streets of Hong Kong. Many activities and events also take place here and while here, you will not like to miss the Chinese New Year’s celebrations making the place even more colorful than it usually is.

A Glimpse Of Its History

Though formerly, it was known as the home for Maltese and Huguenot immigrants, the area in and around Chinatown started to form around 1950s. This place made a humble start with only a handful of Chinese restaurants. With the economic and business development, the services started to move by and by 1960s and 1970s, this neighborhood of London became the much wanted and loved Chinatown of the capital.

The former Chinatown of the city was in Lime house in the East End location of London. The Chinese community thrived here when Chinese employees of East India Company settled at the docks in the late 19th century. However, it did not thrive long as large scale destruction during the WWII let it dwindle around mid 20th century.

Though geographically, London’s Chinatown expands till Shaftesbury Avenue to the north, Charing Cross Road along the east, Rupert Street to the west and Leicester Square in the north. However, the main busy place of the location remains in and around Gerard Street located in the center of the geographical boundary. China town is part of London’s West End.

Travel Options To London’s Chinatown

The close key attractions to this place are the Leicester Square, Soho and Theater land. It is well accessed with all kinds of commute owing to the central London location. The nearest tube stations to this place are Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. Besides, numerous bus links Chinatown with rest of the city so, you need not worry about reaching the place. If you have a Visitor Oyster Card, then travelling to various parts of the city is made easy with it.

Attractions In Chinatown

There is not only food in Chinatown but, you can manage to see some of the best parts of London while enjoying a bowl full of Cantonese style soup. First thing you will notice here are the typical Chinese style signs and decorations like lanterns and dragons. Also, look out for the street signs written both in Mandarin and English.

Lots of stone lions, dragon sculptures and pagoda are to be seen in this place along with Chinese gates. While here, you would not miss the latest gate or the fourth gate of Chinatown on Wardour Street, completed in 2016. It is the largest Chinese gate in the country and is built is reference to the traditional Ching Dynatsy style of architecture. These lovely decorations also make this place a perfect location for snapping some memorable moments of your life along side an, insight to Chinese religion, culture and also its seasonal celebrations.

Every year London’s Chinatown plays host to the colorful celebrations of the Chinese New Year starting from mid-January to February. Though, the dates vary but, take place around this time of the year. There are loads to explore with variety of food stalls and Chinese crafts to take back home and remember the blast you had here. The event for Chinese New Year involves performers, lion dances, parade and much more.

Shopping In Chinatown

Chinatown is also home for some wonderful and authentic Chinese food shops, bakeries and much more. If the Chinese gifts and trinkets appeal to you the most, this place also has shops selling those. The SeeWoo and New Loon Moon supermarkets have wide array of exotic and unique ingredients of fresh vegetables and fruits, dried ingredients and spices as well.

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