A Look around near Old Brompton Road London

The capital city of England comprises of several streets and lanes. At times it is quite a confusing situation for a traveler especially if he is a first timer. London map is a little complicated; however once you have spent some time on it things will become really easy.

Though there are several major streets in London, but let’s here talk about a major one in South Kensington district of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is the Old Brompton Road that starts from the south Kensington tube station and goes till the south-west.

The Old Brompton road is a hub for some well known 5 star hotels. Moreover, it is an ideal place for upmarket shopping. London city is all about numerous well known landmarks and spaces. Those staying in Kensington and Chelsea can roam around this destination perfectly. Sometimes you may confuse the Old Brompton and the Brompton Road, however the Brompton road lies further to the east in Knightsbridge.

Hotel in Chiswell Street is quite a comfortable place to unpack your bags and take a restful sleep. People coming in must opt for a stay in here. Want to make yourself well aware of the city? If yes then looking at attractions and sightseeing is a must. If we talk about attractions near Old Brompton road things are quite lively and one shall get the best of entertainment options. These are exactly the things a tourist looks for and demands.

Some of the must check out ones is mentioned below:

Chelsea Farmer’s Market
Those who will hear the name for the first time must think that he is going to witness farmers here in this market selling their stuff. However, it is actually not the case. The Chelsea Farmer’s market is quite scenic. The entire market comprises of open square courtyards, al fresco eating, restaurants and one-off shops.

Lunchtimes are fun and once it is over it is fun to browse the shops selling all kinds of stuff. Tourists can purchase anything and everything from pricey handbags to cheap books. The Chelsea gardener is worth looking around.

Zest Gallery
Are you an art lover? If yes then Zest Gallery is an ultimate place to be at which is located within walking distance from the Old Brompton road. It houses fabulous contemporary glass art along with British and international glass is presented to a wider audience. The exhibition program keeps on changing. One can even take a show around and also can even take up a tour of the adjacent glass studio. The skilled procedure of glass making is shown to those who wish to take a look. They even offer exciting courses for beginners.

Brompton Library
Just 3 minutes walk away from the Old Brompton Road, Brompton Library is quite well laid and the most important thing is that it is a free attraction to visit. All books can be borrowed for no money, however only for audiobooks and DVDs there is a minor charge. It even comprises of a children’s library in which all sorts of academic text books are available for children and adults.
Plenty of events run in this library in a regular basis.

Proud Chelsea
Do you want to witness supreme quality of rock ‘n’ roll photography? In the heart of King’s Road lie the Proud Chelsea featuring mixed art with several live performances, sun terrace and bar of course. It is an enormous photographic art gallery and is an ultimate place where you can go for your favorite band in action.

Michael Hoppen Gallery
Taking a stroll around decent art galleries in London is a kind of an elegance that is shown. It gives you a pleasure of sophistication, elegance and grandeur and on top of it if you are a kind of person who understands art well then there is nothing like it. No one can leave the Michael Hoppen gallery without a hardback for the living room. Plenty of artists showcase their work and talent at this gallery and thus, the art allure millions of people every year.

Cadogan Contemporary
If you want to know the name of one of the primary contemporary art galleries in the UK then it is the Cadogam Contemporary. It’s been more than 25 years now that they have been exhibiting the works of the British and other veteran artists. Numerous services are available including clients such as both individuals and corporate buyers.

As far as their exhibitions goes these are held both in and outside the capital city of England.

Tourists coming to London for the first time usually prefer to catch up a stay with some well known hotel. M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City is a place where you can grab the best of comfort, leisure and the best of good night’s sleep.

Just like any other attraction in London these sightseeing options are quiet as perfect as one could dream of. So, if staying near Old Brompton Road one must try and visit these all so as to know the area better.

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