A Quick Guide on Buying Onyx Jewellery

If you’re in the market for some new jewellery to update your look, onyx is both a versatile and stylish choice. What’s more, it treads the line between being both special and affordable! But how much do you know about onyx stones? Check out our quick guide on buying onyx jewellery to be in the know.

What is onyx jewellery?

Buying Onyx Jewellery

Onyx is a product of the chalcedony quartz family. It is found all over the world, including Latin America, India, China and Australia. When we think about onyx stones, we usually think of the traditional black. However, onyx comes in a variety of colours including green and red. Onyx ranks at 6.5 on the Mohs scale, so, with the correct care, it’s perfectly durable.

Does onyx have a special meaning?

Throughout ancient times, onyx was believed to provide protection to its wearer. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into physical strength and good fortune. Crystal healers consider onyx to bring balance. If you are under stress at work or home, consider embellishing your wrist with a black onyx bracelet for that little boost.

How can you tell if onyx is real?

One way to check if your onyx is real is to subject the stone to the fire test. Heat the stone with a lighter for ten seconds, then drop it into water. Genuine onyx will be unharmed, a fake stone will

melt. But really, the easiest option is to shop exclusively at a premium jewellery boutique such as the Jewel Tree. That’s the best way to know for sure that your onyx is the real deal.

Is onyx expensive?

Is onyx expensive

Although it is valuable, onyx is a relatively inexpensive choice of stone. Black onyx is typically the priciest, whilst other colours may be cheaper. Your choice of design and set of your new onyx jewellery can impact the price, but an onyx piece will never break the bank.

Is onyx suitable for a special occasion?

Absolutely! Onyx has timeless appeal and makes for a gift item to treasure. In India, Onyx is thought to support harmonious relationships.A black onyx ring can even be considered as an unusual alternative engagement ring. It’s much more unconventional than the typical diamond solitaire.

How to wear onyx

How to wear onyx

Onyx is a stylish choice of gem and works equally well with a daytime and evening wardrobe. Choose a versatile piece such as an elegant black onyx necklace which will harmonise with all colours and styles.

How to care for onyx jewellery

How to care for onyx jewellery

Another wonderful thing about onyx jewellery is how simple it is to care for. Simply wipe a soft, dry cloth across the gemstone gently. Apply a tiny amount of water if needed, but do not soak onyx. One thing to note about the stones, onyx is a porous gem.

Where to buy onyx jewellery

Onyx is readily available in high street and designer boutiques. Shop with a trusted jeweller, for example the Jewel Tree, where designs are beautiful and prices are reasonable.

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