A Regal Weekend In London

London is well known for its royal history. The name London and royalty is almost synonymous to each other. Planning a great weekend in London cannot be complete without checking out the royal attractions of the city. Among all the various parts of London with royal attachment, the Buckingham palace and the Hyde Park of London are probably the most popular ones. Be it among those who are travelling to London from outside to check the various attractions or the residents of the city, these two places never lose its charm, no matter how many times one has paid these places a visit. The Hyde Park is one of the most popular of all royal parks and the natural beauty of the place is unchallenged. The wonderful serene and cool atmosphere right within the heart of the capital can seldom be enjoyed. The immensely large park has numerous special attractions as well which makes it the perfect location for a weekend trip. The Serpentine Lake, just adjacent to the park is a great place to find some exquisite birds and even enjoy swimming, boating, and other activities. The park also has option for horse riding and various games and sports.

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Art and history of London are highly regarded all throughout the world. People visiting London make sure that they check out the various museums and the art exhibitions and installations in the city. London can easily be quoted as the city of museums. There are more than 200 museums in all of London and one can almost find a different museum every few blocks of the city. Located very close to the Hyde Park is the Victoria & Albert museum. The place has an absolutely brilliant collection of some of the finest arts in the city. The art lovers will love to visit the museum and check out the masterpieces on display.

A trip through the Victoria & Albert museum will give a good idea about the influence of London on the global fashion world. The royal capital has been a trendsetter in this genre and has for long dominated the world fashion market. A firsthand experience of the fine taste, class and style of London can be gained at the Liberty department store. The store is home to some of the most prestigious brands in the world of fashion. The exquisite collection of the finest items of decor dazzles the visitors to the museum. The Liberty also has an online presence where customers can choose from the beautiful collection. However, the experience of actually browsing through the store is simply incomparable.

The Hyde Park is also home to the Rosebery, a part of Mandarin Oriental. It is famous for the delectable range of pastries and the teas of different flavours. Afternoon tea is very similar to religion in London. It doesn’t matter whether one is a tea lover of a casual tea drinker, a round of afternoon tea is a must have. Rosebery with its exquisite collection is simply the best in London.

London is also known for the exquisite collection of wines and other drinks. The enchanting flavour of the finest wine in the world can be tasted at the Fortnum and Mason. It is home to the grandest and the best collection of wine in London. The guests can even get a detailed demonstration of the wine making procedure. The tantalising taste is a must try for everyone visiting London.

A perfect holiday is never complete without some grand meals. The Cavendish located in the heart of Marylebone is one of the finest choice when it comes to dining out in the city. The delectable dishes are absolute gourmet delight for the foodies. The perfect English meal and premium quality drinks, in an elegant and classy setting are what draw the customers to this fine dining option in the city.

A holiday is for relaxation. It is for indulgence and for rejuvenating the mind and the body. A spa is certainly the place to spend some time during the holiday. The K-Spa is well known in London as the best place to have some time for self relaxation and indulgence. The holiday can be strenuous with all the planning and the squeezing of the various places to visit. However one can always get some time for themselves within the tight schedules. The K-Spa will be a great place to check in in-between all the various sightseeing and the travelling in London.

Finding the perfect accommodation is also an important part of enjoying the city to the fullest. London is one of the busiest cities in the world. It has huge traffic congestion during the peak hours and those who wish to travel from one place to another in the city during the peak hours will find the underground network to be best for the purpose. The central London is always the best connected part of the city. It is easy to access from any place of London and also easily accessible from the Heathrow International Airport. The international airport is among the largest and the busiest in the world with millions of people getting in and out of the city via the airport. It is always best to check in the hotel which is nearest to the airport when one has a morning flight to catch, but to truly enjoy the royal elegance of the place one must find the best accommodation within the city. The Hyde Park is home to some of the finest and classiest hotels of London. The Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel is one of the best in terms of accommodation and amenities. The grand hotel offers all the luxury one can dream of and the options for indulgence are simply innumerable.

Thus, if someone wishes to have a truly grand and regal weekend, London will be the best place to check in. However, given the popularity of the city, it is always best not to wait for the final moment to make the arrangements.

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