A Spanish Beach Trip

A Spanish holiday is one of the best one that you can take. It is definitely one of the brightest countries in the world and simply visiting it is going to get you rid of all your tension and worries. To top it all, the beach experience in Spain is simply fantastic to say the least. The sunny and spectacular beaches are perfect for holidaymakers, regardless of their personal tastes, preferences, and the age. Salou in Spain is definitely topping the list when it comes to a beach retreat. This Costa Dorada resort is definitely the best the country has to offer its guests. While planning a Spanish trip, make sure you are not missing out Salou at any cost. The hotels in salou are added perks, with their fabulous offerings and grand arrangements for their guests.

Port Aventura Hotel Gold River is one of the finest places that you may book for your stay while holidaying in Spain. Located close to the beach, this hotel also offers every amenity and facility that the guests will love to have. You will be able to feel the fresh air right from your balcony and wake up each day fully rejuvenated and ready to have a splendid day at the Salou beaches.

There are numerous beaches located along the 14 kilometres coastline. The clean coastline and safety of the beaches have already made the Costa Dorada a favourite among the tourists. Here is a short guide to some of the best Salou beaches that you may visit during your stay.

The Ponent Beach and Llevant Beach are perfect if you are planning a family trip to Salou. They have enough activity to keep everyone involved and to make sure that they all had a great day. If the wonderful blue water is beckoning you, you may go out and enjoy without having to worry about being swept away. Both these beaches have been awarded blue flags. This means that they have life guards ready to take care of any dangerous situation. If you are worried about the kids, you need not to. Both the beaches have playgrounds which will keep them well entertained. The Llevant Beach actually has a playground for kids and also hosts the Kiddie Club in July and August. You can safely leave your kids with the club instructor, who will take your kids through various activities that are fun. These beaches have everything that you might want on a family holiday trip, which includes umbrellas, public toilets, hammocks, and last, but never the least important, beach bars.

When you are enjoying a beach, the experience is not complete unless you have enjoyed some really fun action at the water side. The beaches in Salou have a range of water sports and activities as well. You will be able to go on a parasailing ride or enjoy windsurfing. Jet skiing and kayaking are also great fun. You may even get a boat on hire and enjoy the vast water. After having the water sports, you may come back to the beach and enjoy some great game of beach volleyball and so on.

The activities on the Salou beach are seemingly endless. Make sure you plan your holiday long enough to have fun till your heart is content. Make the arrangements in advance and enjoy.

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