A view inside London, the hidden places here

Though the city of London is open for all the tourists, there are some hidden places that locals will not want you to know. Here we have mentioned a few of them. You can just go through the same and have a nice insight of the city.

Wilton’s Music Hall
This is last and first-born surviving big music halls that offer a great mixture of art and culture. The interiors of the place are very classy  and there is also a bar inside. The rates of the bar are affordable and the staff members will be happy to help you always. The lovely atmosphere will keep you on. Many events and shows take place here and you can enjoy a great time there. You can see the events calendar online.

Maltby Street Market
This is one of the best markets in the city. There are many good bars, restaurants and shops and stalls here. There are also many good hotels near the market like the Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel. The market is full of many good stalls including food stalls. You can enjoy great shopping and bargaining experience at this place. The market is open for the public for all the seven days of the week.

Exmouth Market
This is another good market in London. Though the market does not look like traditional, it has a modern touch. There are many good shops, food joints and bars here. This place is never noisy or crowded and this can be a relaxing pastime for you. The atmosphere here is very good and you can have some cool time here. Though located very far from the central London, reaching here is not difficult. The market has many stalls full of many shoes, clothes, accessories etc. There are also many good stalls where you can get cheap food. This market is there for all the visitors on all seven days of the week.

The Vault of Soho
The vault is a secret cocktail bar in London that is located at the back of the whisky shop in the centre of the Soho. The main aim has to be to find the ‘Milroy’s’. This is a mission just for training and it is very simple to do. Just walk in the shop and come at the backside. There you will see a bookshelf. This is called the hidden handle. This is not easy to open but with some efforts you would be able to do it. As you go down the staircase you will see a small bar and there is a great atmosphere in the bar. This is no more a hidden place as many people have found out about it. You can enjoy a great variety of cocktails at this place. The menu here is wide and the staff is very friendly here. The most important attraction here tastes the original tequila. If you come here you should not miss it. This place is not going to remain as a hidden place anymore as many people are searching for it through internet. So go there before it becomes crowded and common. Just go there and have some great time.

Back in 5 Minutes
This is one of the best hidden places in London. You need to book it in advance as it gets full early by the locals. The atmosphere here is lovely and interiors are wonderful. You need to pull a dark curtain to enter this wonderful place. This can be the great way to enter any place. The hosts here will welcome you and you will feel very relaxed at this place. They will help you to feel relaxed here. Though the menu is not varied, you can enjoy the food that you get here. You can also enjoy  a great variety of hard drinks here and you can get them at the cheaper rates. You can take entire three course meal here and enjoy. You can come here with your friends and have a great time chatting and enjoying. Here you can have a great and unique experience.

Go Native Tower Hill Apartments bedroom
Getting a good hotel room in London is not an easy job. In fact getting a relaxing as well as affordable accommodation is not easy here. There are many good hotels here but getting a good hotel in the heart of the city is not that simple. Go Native Tower Hill Apartments bedroom can fulfil all your needs. These apartments are relaxing as well as affordable. They are also located in the middle of the city. The Maltby Street Market is on a short distance and you can reach here just in 2 minutes. You can shop there till you drop down other important places are also nearby and are on a walking distance.

There are also many good hotels in the middle of the city where one can have a relaxing as well as economical stay. You can book a hotel that can get you some of the good London hotels deals special offers. These offers can make your stay economical one. You can check out the details of such offers online. You can avail the offers if the rooms are available at the time of booking of your room online. There are also some deals and packages that can avail in order to make the stay more economical. The offers and packages are subject to the terms and conditions by the hotel. You can check them online.

So this was all about the hidden places that you can visit in London and know more about them. You can book them in advance as they will be crowded by locals. You can get more information about them online. Just get there and learn more about them.

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