A Worthy and Eminent London Stroll

This is the time to talk about the best strolls of the city of London. One may consider the place to be the city of the underground rail. You can find the black handsome cab moving along the London streets. However, the greatest pleasure lies in wandering through the streets of the city. You can take the few strolls and enjoy the popular London sights. You can start taking a stroll from the Riverside and then you can reach to the Southbank to the bank side. The entire stroll is of 5.5 miles and one can start at the Battersea Park and end the stroll at the point of the Tower Bridge.

One can break up the route in the three perfect parts. One part is the Riverside, the other is the Southbank and the last is the Bankside area. Once you move along the river you get to view the best city scenes. You can even enjoy spectacular sights and sounds of the place. The experience is all the more spectacular. You can start from the Battersea Park of the 19th century and this is the home to the Power Station and also the famous Nine Elms Lane. This will help you meet with the river path at length.

Alongh the line you have some of the great places to stand, eat and drink. Here, you find the Brunswick House and there is even the Tamesis Dock and this is the Dutch Barge being converted into the most popular bar area. Once you continue towards the Lambeth Bridge you can pass by the Garden Museum and there stands the Lambeth Palace with full of specialties. This however, is considered to be the official residence of the famous archbishop of Canterbury. Then you can start moving towards the Westminster Bridge. From the place you can have the best view of the House of Parliaments.

From the House of Parliaments you can move further to view places like Florence Nightingale Museum, the Imperial War Museum, and you even have the famous restaurant and the shopping places like the Lower Mush and The Cut. One can move under the Westminster Bridge to find the hoards of the tourist and the attractions for the visitors. Here you have in line the Coca Cola London Eye. There is even The Sea Life Aquarium. This is the area to thrive with all the street performers and the mega events take place in this part of the town.

You can start walking from under the Golden Bridges and this will help you reach to the centre of the Southbank. The place was built in the year 1951 and the Southbank Centre is considered to be the hub of culture and arts and this is also the community complex with all the galleries, restaurants and the festivals in line. On the top of the street you have the Oxo Tower. Here you find the most elegant and the luxurious restaurant and there is the bar on the top most floors. You can even keep on walking under the renovated Blackfriars Bridge. This is known as the massive solar powered bridge in the entire world.

Walking is made all the more easy if you are staying at the M hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch London Tech City. You can continue walking till you reach Tate Modem. This is the most exceptional institution and here you find the excellent collection of the contemporary and the innovative art forms. However, you can have a break in the tour and move towards the Millennium Bridge and reach the city of London and the St. Pauls Cathedral. The Bankside will start at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and here you have the path moving towards the inland area.

You can continue walking till you reach to the bend on the Clink Street and here you have the best of things to explore. You can pass by the Clink Prison Museum, and this is the perfect replica of the Golden Hinde. Then you can pass by the Southwark Cathedral and you even have the Borough Market and the most eminent Vinopolis. This is the special complex area dedicated to the serving of the wine and the beer. You can even keep on walking through the London Bridge to have a glimpse of the Shard and this is the wonderful skyscraper and you would love to see the construction from close.

In case you are walking up the river you can watch the Hay’s Galleria. This is the enclosed dining and shopping area and you can continue to move along the path till you stand before the London’s City Hall. Adjacent to this you have the famous Tower Bridge. Now, you can start walking from the Piccadilly Circus to reach to the Mayfair. This is the stroll to feature the high end scenes of London and this way you can get to see the famous designer outlets and there are more action houses, hotels and galleries in store.

One can start walking from the point of the Picadilly Circus and move down to the west part of the Piccadilly road to reach to the Green Park area. You can take a halt at the Piccadilly Market and this has a location at the St. James Church. This is the spot to offer you with all the food, flowers and antiques and there are more things like flowers and trinkets for you. If you continue walking you can well reach to the historic department store. This is known as Fortnum and Mason.

You have some of the best Hotels near Shoreditch London. Boarding in one of them is sure to help you with a great walking experience. You can walk to the Royal academy of Arts and from here you can carry on to the Burlington Arcade. This is the carpeted and the covered shopping avenue and it hold the old and the traditional school glamour to make the place appear so clean and aristocratic. In fact, the best of London walking will help you watch more exciting scenes of the city at best.

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