Affordable and Convenient Hostel Accommodation in London

The common perspective that London is an expensive city is not entirely true because besides having luxurious hotels that are extremely expensive and costly, fine dining options, and with a high public transport cost, London also offers cheaper alternatives for accommodation, eating out and moving around the city. It is just that you have to know where and how to get these cheaper options. For cheap accommodation, you can find plenty of hostels spread all over the city that provide excellent location, comfortable stay and a good time at affordable cost. Some of these hostels are enumerated below.

The Dictionary, Shoreditch: Located in Shoreditch, which is the latest trendy place in London and the nucleus of the hipster scene, this is the first youth hostel in the area that offers a comfortable place to stay along with a self-catering kitchen and super-friendly bar and café.

Safestay, Elephant and Castle: With an excellent location just minutes away from the South Bank, Houses of Parliament and Borough Market, this hostel provides elegant, comfortable accommodation in a chic Georgian building with tasteful artwork, at a budget price.

Palmers Lodge, Swiss Cottage: Situated in a location which is just 11 minutes by tube from the centre of London, and offering free breakfast and funky decor, this hostel is the best bet for visitors to London having an upmarket taste. The hostel is housed in a historic building and it offers personalised services through its dedicated staff members due to which the hostel chain has been able to win several awards over the years, including the Best Accommodation in the UK award.

Clink 78, King’s Cross: The building housing this hostel has a glorious past being a Victorian masterpiece and also the place where Charles Dickens once stayed and wrote Oliver Twist. It was also a former courthouse, famous for the 1978 trial of The Clash, for shooting a prize pigeon. Apart from its chequered history, it is also a well-known party hostel where solitary travellers and backpackers with a shoe-string budget can find new friends and have a good time.

Astor, Hyde Park: With a stunning layout and free Wi-Fi, the townhouse which is home to the Astor is located in one of the posh and elite areas of London providing budget travellers a comfortable accommodation, just minutes away from Kensington Palace and Gardens, and the Serpentine.

Among the various hotels near Hyde Park, the Astor is one of the best as it provides budget accommodation along with all the necessary facilities in a cosy and homely environment. 

The Walrus Hostel, Waterloo: Just a short walk from the main attractions of London this hostel accommodation offers free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and a traditional English pub located just below. With comfortable accommodation, this hostel proves to be the ideal place to stay and it provides a booking service for tours to other places around the country such as Stonehenge which is very popular among visitors.

Pride of Paddington, Paddington: It is located within a 30-minute walk from Portobello Road Market, Oxford Street and Covent Garden and is situated above a pub where guests can enjoy the most delicious food in London as well as avail of a discount on the entire pub menu. It offers the choice of staying in either a comfortable private room or in a shared dorm.

The Gallery, Hyde Park: The Gallery is located right on the footsteps of Hyde Park and within easy reach of the tube station served by the central, circle and district tube lines. It has an ideal location for guests to reach any of the attractions of central London with ease and to relax and indulge in leisure activities in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. They can also indulge in their shopping instincts at the nearby Oxford Street and enjoy some fine dining in nearby Mayfair.

Most budget travellers prefer to stay in a Hyde Park accommodation for several reasons that include close proximity to most attractions of the city and above all, the facility of being able to walk across to the Royal Park for relaxation and for indulging in leisure activities and sightseeing of the attractions in the two conjoined Royal Parks. Moreover, a wide variety of such accommodation is available from the most expensive to the cheapest, so that visitors with different needs and budgets can find a suitable place to stay.

Generator London, Bloomsbury: The Generator Hostel is ideal for visitors who love eccentric interiors and enjoy partying a lot. With extensive facilities such as a bar, travel shop, lounge, café and the advantage of a strategic location in the core of London close to most attractions, this hostel proves to be an ideal place to stay. Moreover, the Generator has hostels all across Europe and as such its guests come from most other countries in the continent making it easy for you to make friends with regular travellers.

Destinations at The Rose and Crown, Borough: The Destinations Hostel is right above the Rose and Crown pub that provides warmth and a cosy environment and also an opportunity to experience old fashioned and traditional English pub fun. It offers a feeling of staying in a home away from home in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this metropolis.

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