All That You wanted to know about The Albemarle Club

London is a haven for tour lovers and a place filled with exciting tales and travel stories. This is a perfect heaven for those who wish to see something different and memorable. While you are touring London, you would love to be in the beautiful Piccadilly area which is a place filled with leisure based activities. The Albemarle club for example is a wonderful combination of traditional hues and modern pleasures. Existing since the year 1874, the club is for both men as well as women. Formed under the leadership of James Stansfeld, who was a Member of Parliament, this had a limited membership initially. The Membership in those days was around 600 then with time it increased. There also came a time in the club when there was a shortfall, however with a small increase in the fees, this was solved. Withdrawals also hampered the growth of the club, but soon the momento picked up and the new admissions started pouring in. Sometime in 1895, the club got notorious for the trial of Oscar Wilde, a member of the prestigious club. Then it got more notorious for a tiff between the Marquess of Queensberry who demanded to meet Oscar in the club but couldn’t and therefore left a card which is now very famous. The handwritten card had the inscriptions “For Oscar Wilde posing Somdomite”. Today this card has been in the category of the Exhibit A. Due to the infamous Oscar Wilde case, the Club lost its reputation and then shifted to Ely house in Dover Street. Then the entire club went into complete refurbishment as earlier it was the place where the Bishop of Ely resided.

The Albemarle Club Today

Today the Albemarle Club has its own private members. A bohemian club of yesteryears today none of the prestigious Mayfair clubs bear any resemblance to this erstwhile club in this part of London. Today the club is a vibrant place with an electric ambience that is unmatchable. With a seductive style and impeccable service, there are certainly a lot of intimate memories that you can take back in your visits here. The burlesque dancers and the cabaret artists enjoy the audience’s attention and the guests and members coming here can make their choice by request. There are elegant hostesses here who cater to your service and there are ways you could make your visits here memorable by choosing one of them. Join the hostess for drinks and also enjoy with them in this beautiful colorful atmosphere. The cocktails and the other bar options are wide here and the uniqueness and talent of the bar team certainly creates a mark. You could also take a choice of the wide variety of whiskeys, wine and fine champagne that you have along with the various kinds of brandies. Experience the finer things in life and bring back the joy and happiness of being in a great tour in this part of London.

The Albemarle Club and Its Events

The Albemarle Club also is popular for organizing innumerable themed events on a weekly basis. These are a favourite for all members and also provide you with the comfort and leisure of being in the most beautiful surroundings. There is a resident team of entertainers who provide you with whatever you ask for. Whether it is singers or Burlesque dancers, acts or other activities, the club has it all. Enjoy and relax in the joy of the songs that are played here and also take back with the memories of the beautiful west end caliber acts which are part of the performances across the Globe. Your nightlife could never be as exciting and as you dance away the night with the talented singers and DJ, you are sure to take back with you wonderful ways of relaxing in London tours. Visit Venetian ball here which is a fun filled themed night. Filled with mystery, sophistication and intrigue this is a great way of experiencing the pleasures of a great hotel. Indulge in the finest cocktails and also enjoy the tasty drinks. The beautiful dresses and the intriguing Venetian masks add to the mystery quotient of the experience here.

More from Albemarle Club

Then you have occasions and events like the French Mademoiselle Party which give you the delights of a wonderful mix of European ecstasies and worldly delights. The Moulin Rouge is a great place where you get the best of European culture and as you enjoy in the beautiful surroundings of champagnes and wines, the ladies would keep you engaged in their French attire. A perfect way of enjoying your stays here. The crux of the tours would always remain the fact that joy and excitement are a part of travels in London but it is the uniqueness that takes your breath away in such places. There is the concept of Western Girls where you can enjoy all night to themed music, lot of songs and beautiful sexy cowgirls walking around. Certainly you will not feel short of the Dukes here and as you learn to enjoy in the confines of these beautiful places in Albemarle Club you would thank yourself that you are here in such beautiful locales. Feel closer to excitement and pleasure and experience the beauty of being in the best places in central London. Being in hotels like the Premier London Piccadilly will give you the opportunity to visit the AlbemarleClub. This hotel with its luxurious amenities and amazing facilities makes you feel at home. It gives you the comfort of the confines of a beautiful hotel in London tours. Visit this lovely combination of luxury, comfort and relaxation and take back with youvaluable tours which you would cherish forever. London tours are thus a way of exploring the city through comfortable stays in hotels like these and enjoyable experiences like that in Albemarle Club.

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