American’s guide to London

Vacations in London are beautiful and good because the city provides you with a wide variety of things and you can explore this city at your own pace. London during spring and summers are way too different from London during winters there is a historic side to this city which is of course in the itinerary list of every American but there is a country side too which can be explored and which is basically quite raw and beautiful.

London sightseeing places

As you go about looking at the must visit places you have the giant wheel called the London eye centre which takes you on a trip and you can see the whole city with a bird’s eye view and undoubtedly one of the best view you may not get a chance to look at the beauty of this city so enjoy while you are on this wheel. The other preferably famous places is the Trafalgar square in the central London this has a historical significance and even during the war times it used to be a place people will look forward to hang around, be engaged into discussions and even now often you will find students of art discussing their work . On some of the days there are troupes giving their performances to the crowd who has been hanging around there for quite some time now. There is he National Gallery in there and you can take a day to get the complete view of art by some of the well-known artists of this century, the place is not charging anything so you can be there and explore the English culture through paintings, my people staying at the park grand hotel Paddington London had been studying art and they were thrilled to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings

As you plan to take a short walk towards the Tower of London you can be there and visit the Westminster Abbey the history is quite glorified you get to learn about many different things as the church has been once again opened for the public it is a beautiful palace and every now and then there are sessions that are being arranged as workshops to educate the masses about the rich cultural heritage. The moment you step in the Parliament Street you are flooded with thoughts of great leaders who have once addressed the nation it is indeed a beautiful building designed for House of Commons.

Coastal destinations

While in the winters London city can be chilly and cold but then it also has a sea side destination which is fabulous during these winter months  while my friends who were putting up at the hotels near Paddington station  made plans to head to Cornwall and they had a fairly easy job to do as they boarded the train from Paddington station which was loser to their accommodation place. At Cornwall it is a beach destination and beautiful in the same breath the place has been a home to three hundred beaches and all of them are less crowded places  so in case you are looking out for some bliss please be here  but the town area is equally good as the market places during night hours a sight to see though you may not be in a mood to shop nevertheless the market puts you in two minds with its antique store houses it puts a bait at you and on the other hand you are likely to do some window shopping, The market has a nice joints to hang around so in case you feel to grab a quick beer you might settle down at a cosy bar.

The Port Joke beach is a silent beach with very less habitation so that’s the place you want to be in be prepared to explore some uninhabited caves  and rock pools who knows you might just love that experience in there. The other attraction is the Tidal pool in the St Agnes area as the name suggests you wait and watch for low tide times when the waves is at peace and lets you walk up to the chapel close by but as the day passes on and high tides are dominant you can just stand and enjoy there its secluded spot but a rarity and you will love every minute spent there. Cornwall offers you a kayaking too as there is a destination called the Bosahan Cove  a little far away from the main land and secluded too you can be there by kayaking spent the day there and as you feel a little tired of the heat make way back to the mainland. Planning to hike you have an option here at the Lantic bay the walk up to the hills may be tiresome but as you reach to the top you will be surprised to find the beach waiting for you at the other end the trek downwards is quite nasty and steep but the ultimate destination is romantic it is rather a best gift you can give to your loved one take them with you on this romantic hiking.

After Cornwall it is the South Hams region this is also a coastal side of England but the weather is at its best throughout the year so in case you choosing winters it won’t be hard or harsh because you can easily swim and make the most of the winters in here a very vibrant place and it has always been in the itinerary list of people who are planning a vacation during the winter months a nice getaway from the usual London crowd.

Some of the American tourists are bitten by the itinerary bug and they do mostly what other’s do but at times being on the country side can just change the perspective for this city and you might fall in love with this place although it has many more things to offer but for now one can plan this way to start with.

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