An Adventurous Break In London

London being one of the most popular of all holiday destinations gets millions of visitors from all over the world annually. There are those who are travelling to the lovely city for the first time while there are others who are on their second or third or ‘n’ numbered trip. Believe it or not, even those living in the city take a break at times to enjoy the various attractions of the capital. It is like their personal domestic holiday plan. Whatever be it, the main motive is to have a great time in the city and take away some beautiful and relishing memories. And, in order to do that, you need a fabulous tourism plan ready. Now, we all have heard about the numerous special attractions available in London. However, the challenge is to find some place that will give you something more than simply looking at various artifact or enjoying a ride. We have just the perfect list here for you.

Whenever it is about going to a city or enjoying holiday at any location, it is mostly about checking out the attractions the place has, unless, of course, it is Disneyland. However, if the place you will be visiting is London, you can have so much more fun! The city has some of the best adventure sports locations that allow you to get the adrenaline rush. If you are going to the trip with your kids, be assured, the little ones are going to love it.

Adventures in London
• Bike riding through London – Let’s begin with something simple. Riding a bike isn’t that hard. However, in London it can be great fun too. First of all, checking out the various parts of the city on bike itself sounds like a novel idea. It is both fun and saves a lot of money and time that you would be spending o the public transport and also would get stuck in the traffic. However, with bike, the entire city is for you to explore.

Those who are new to the city, like visiting London fr vacation, or do not own a bike, can easily rent it at one of the many stores across the city. You can select your own path across the capital. I love the ride through Richmond Park. There are other wonderful routes as well. All you need to do is remember the safety norms. Make sure you can be seen easily on road and try not to perform stunts.

• Mountaineering or rock climbing – I am not speaking of actually climbing up any mountain. However, in London you will find quite a few mountaineering and rock climbing clubs. They have various sets of challenges set for those who wish to try. If you think you are up for the challenge and is fit enough to go over the obstacles, try these out.

Bouldering isn’t really easy. But you can definitely challenge yourself to complete the various routes. It is quite exhausting, but fun as well. The ecstatic feeling after completion of a route is simply incomprehensible.

• Skiing in London – I know there isn’t any large mountain or snow, for that matter, in the English capital where you can have great time skiing; however, the city does have option for you to keep yourself ski fit. Skiplex in Chiswick is a fantastic place to ski in London. It is fun and is a great place to take your kids as well. Skiplex has a treadmill like structure as well and you can change the difficulty level by changing the steepness of the treadmill.

• Climbing up the O2 – If you can dare the heights then you must check out the Millenium Dome or O2. Let me remind you, this is not really for the faint hearted. This place is open for public for quite some years now. It is a great place to get some adrenaline rush if you love climbing and height is your kind of thing. You will need to get tickets for this. Also, there is a blue suit and special shoes available for every climber.

• Lido swimming in London – If you have been to London during the summer time you will know how hot and stuffy the major attractions of the city become. However, that is not at all the case with swimming pools. There are enough lidos or outdoor swimming pools in the city where you can enjoy the cold water under the sun. You can also enjoy some adventure water sports at these pools. If you are not sure you can take up the cold water, some places have hot li do too. So, take a break from sightseeing and check out the pools in the city.

• Wakeboarding in the capital – Have you ever been on the ropeway checking out the top view of the city? If you did, you will probably have noticed those who are wakeboarding. Well, wakeboarding is very much an activity in London. You can check out the wakeboarding options available in the city on the internet.

• Stargazing in London – Can you actually catch a glimpse of the beautiful night sky and the stars and constellations in a major city like London with all the lights glowing all around? Of course you can. Take a walk to the comparatively open spaces in the city like the large parks and gardens, and you can check out the night sky and the constellations in all its glory.

There is no dearth of options if you wish to explore the city in a different way. The city has a plethora of options. All you need to do is check them out. Those who are new to the city or travelling to London on a small break should find the right accommodation first. Shoreditch London is a fine place to get great hotels and affordable reservations. I would suggest M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech City Hotel as an accommodation for the great service and perfect locations allowing you to explore London with ease.

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