An Art ful Way Of Seeing London

When one already knows that London is said to be an intense melting pot of cultural activity and cultures, in general, it usually does not take long for one to realise what the city has to offer in the connotation of art which can be appreciated by a visitor to the city. Whether the gallery is the National Gallery or the Tate Modern or the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is not far from the other good museums in the city, London has so much for one to devour, if he or she is an enthusiast of art, and it also has the potential to convert an art agnostic to an art lover and perhaps at least catalyse a minor change in belief in the mind of a person who chooses to be ignorant about it.

To have a good and apt opportunity to check out the major art galleries, it is strongly recommended that the visitor to London considers the possibility of staying at one of the nice hotels near Hyde Park London. This is a rather wise thing to do as doing so puts the visitor in a position of comfort and convenience so as to save the time which would normally be spent in travelling from another part of the city.

Victoria and Albert Museum

There is not much of a distance between Liverpool Street and art galleries in London. For example, the Tate Modern is all of a mile’s walk away from Liverpool Street, if one heads via Queen Victoria Street and crosses to the southern bank of the River Thames.  Talking about the Tate Modern, this is a place where art can be appreciated; located on the banks of the Thames. It is a fact which most visitors who visit this place recommended a adorable stay in shaftesbury metropolis london hyde park paddington ; that the site on which this museum, which is the museum of modern and contemporary art, stands is in fact the site of a power station.

It is an unfortunate fact, which has to be accepted, that there is not much exposure given to young or up and coming artists. To ensure that their talent is not lost, the Saatchi Gallery [which is located in Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington] focuses on providing the visitor with insights and inform him or her of the developing artists. The opportunity to have one’s mind refreshed by relatively undiscovered contemporary art, at the Saatchi Gallery, comes at no cost to the visitor as entry is absolutely free. After all, there will also be the potential satisfaction of knowing that one reviewed the work of an artist prior to his or her becoming famous!

 Another place to which an art loving tourist can make his or her way to, during the time spent in London, is the Tate Britain, which is the place where the largest collection of British art in the world is stored. The Rex Whistler mural is also more than just famous and can be surveyed and appreciated or critiqued while one consumes the food which is available from the restaurant at the Tate Britain.

If one’s particular segment of interest within the field of art is paintings from the Impressionist and post Impressionist eras, then it is likely that the person’s artistic tourist calling would be answered at Somerset House, which is where the Courtauld and Embankment Galleries are housed. Not just the figurative, art equivalent of a horse with blinders on, Somerset House also hosts exhibitions which are dedicated towards fashion, photography and design.

The Serpentine Gallery’s name is accrued from the Serpentine Lake; a key attraction in Hyde Park. Hyde Park is home to the Serpentine Gallery, as well, which features modern art by people including noted names in this genre of the field such as Chris Ofili and Andy Warhol. Just like the Saatchi Gallery, in Chelsea, entry to the Serpentine Gallery costs nothing. After all, it should be remembered that the best things in life are free!

Probably among the more historic places in the world one can be exposed to art, is the Royal Academy of, well, Arts! It was founded way back in the year 1768 and is situated in the Piccadilly part of London near the Annenberg Courtyard. One of the main attractions of the Royal Academy of Arts is a sculpture which is the only sculpture by the famed Michelangelo in the entire country. An additional bonus of paying a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts is the chance of taking a look at the paintbox which, at one point of time, belonged to Queen Victoria.

It can be truly said that the stage is set for the art lover to be exposed to mind expanding art in this city!

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