Attractions At Brussels

The moment someone speaks of Brussels, those who are well acquainted with the importance of the city, will form a picture of glassy buildings and skyscrapers. The city has its importance in the European and world market. It is pretty much the place from where every small thing about the economy is controlled that of European Union. However, Brussels is not all about business and money and politics. It has got much more to it and travelling to Brussels on a short weekend will be a great idea. It is a city which can be enjoyed within a short span of time without having the feeling of not having seen much of it. It is the perfect weekend getaway destination, or as a matter of fact, even a one day trip to the city can be quite fun (this is especially for those who are in Brussels on business).

After reaching the city, you should check out the hotels in Brussels. There are plenty of hotels to check in to, however, the price will vary with the locality. Choose the location of the hotel wisely if you are not planning on spending a major part of your budget on accommodation. Ramada Brussels Woluwe is a fine place to stay in the city. There is advance online booking facility available at every hotel. This is a good service to avail if you do not wish to roam about the city checking the best hotel available within budget.

There are many interesting places you will be suggested about while you are visiting the city. However, to make the trip a great memory, check out some not so well known places in the city. St. Catherine’s Church will be a good place to start your trip. The place surrounding it is home to many gothic art sculptures and other, not too common items. The church itself is a fine place to visit. You will have fun enjoying the artefacts of the church. While you are visiting the church, you should also try checking the Laeken Cemetery. A cemetery might not be exactly a tourist attraction, but the reason this one stands out from many is because of the underground crypt present. The crypt gives off a definite feeling of having entered a morgue with drawers full of dead bodies. To add to the entire feeling, you will find a big black cat at this place as well (it is quite gentle though).

After having checked out church and cemetery, it will be a good idea to take a stroll through the city. Like any other place, Brussels is a great place to check out on foot. What you will really find in abundance at this place is the number of outdoor activities. There are plenty of outdoor events and activities and festivals. Lose yourself to the delights of these attractions and you will have a whale of a time staying in Brussels. Parc du Cinquantenair is well known for the celebration of the World Environment Day. If your visit coincides with the date, check out the festival. You will seldom find such a celebration about on the world environment day. There are food stalls selling all types of food – Indian, African, and many more. It is a treat in itself.

If you take out some time, you will invent much more about the city. Night time Brussels is a treat to watch and you should not miss out that either.

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