Attractions for Geeks in the city of London

Geeks in the city of London are in for a treat. London is a big city with something for everyone. It is a popular city with tourists and visitors streaming in from all over the world. Some of these may be Trekkies, gamer, book worms, and science freaks. London offers treats for all these geeks. Fulfill all of your most nerdy desires right here in the city of London.

We offer you the perfect guide to the best geeky places in the big city. Explore them to your heart’s content like never before. Explore these geeky places in the city after you have relaxed at the Grand Park London Paddington. They are the best hotels close to Bayswater Tube Station offering their customers best services and hospitality in all that they do.

Read on to know all about the thrilling attractions for geeks in the city of London.

It is located in Trocadero center in the city of London. You will find it in the basement of the HMV. Gamerbase offers you more than 150 games for you to play all you desire. This is a major gaming hub in the big city. Set out with your buddies to play some of these awesome games. If you are in the big city with your family, your kids will just love it. At the Gamerhouse, you get to play these games on top quality Dell PCs equipped with state of the art accessories. It’s a paradise for gamers in the city. Some of the most popular games include those of Tekken, street fighter and many others as well. You can play these games as individuals, or online with several partners, as well as with gamers at the Gamerbase.

You can visit the Gamerbase any time of the day and they are usually opened until midnight.

Forbidden Planet:
The forbidden planet is the largest comic and memorabilia outlet with every form of geek treasures like comics, doll collections, and manga. They have on display tons of t- shirts of your favorite characters, anime characters, super heroes, and video games. It is rightly called the forbidden planet with the best of favorites for everyone.

Grant Museum of Zoology:
You will find the Grant Museum of Zoology located at the University College at London city. It is a small museum with up to more than 62,000 animal remains preserved over the years. Some of these animal remains are from thousands of years ago. The Grant Museum of Zoology also houses the remains of some extinct animals as well as rare animals. Some of the extinct creatures and animals like the Dodo bird and the Tasmanian tiger can be found at the Grant Museum of Zoology.

An old operation theatre:
If you are a science Geek in the city, then you are in for a treat in the city of London as there is an actual operation theatre. You will find it located on the roof of a very old church. The church and this old operation theatre can be found on St. Thomas Street. The landmark of this place is the London Bridge. This is an actual operating theatre and it is believed to be more than 300 years old. If you are a geek interested in science, in performing operations, and in surgery, then this is the perfect attraction for you to set out on. It houses galleries and everything to do with science, operations, surgery, and medicines. Learn how surgeons operated on patients and people without doses of anesthesia.

The Science Museum:
If you are a science lover, then the science museum is the perfect attraction for you. Be entranced with the exhibits, models, machinery, medical instruments, scientific equipment and much more. Explore the displays of the steam powered machinery. Be a part of the entertaining shows and blend in with all the space delights at the Science Museum in the city of London.

The science museum is a very busy tourist attraction. The entry to the science museum is free and you can explore the exhibits and display as long as you desire.

If you are a foodie as well as a big fan of games, then the Inamo is the perfect spot for you to spend your time at and plan your visit in the big city. The food is really yummy and mouth watering. All the tables are equipped and features touch service technology. Play some of the most exciting computer games at the Inamo in the city of London. The Inamo can be located in Soho.

Westminster Abbey:
Westminster Abbey is the resting Place of a genius and that’s why it is on the list of the top places for the nerdy in the city of London. At the Westminster Abbey, you will find the tomb of a great genius, and this genius is none other than Sir Isaac Newton! It is also the resting place of several other prominent figures in the city of London. It is also an attraction for history geeks in the city as it is rich in years of history, tradition, and architecture. Tour around Westminster and explore other delights that Westminster Abbey has to offer you.

Waterloo Imax:
The Waterloo Imax is a major attraction for movie geeks in the city of London. This is one of the most loved places where you get to catch up on the latest movies watch all of your favorite movies on the biggest movie screen in England. Enjoy watching all of your favorite 3D movies like never before. It is an incredible experience to watch movies on such a big screen which measures up to the height of five double decker buses.

Orcs Nest:
If you have your heart set on fantasy, games, and painting warriors and superheroes, then the Orcs nest offers you such delights. Create your own world of games and activities around you and escape from the harsh realities of life only at the Orcs nest.

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