Barbican Centre – what there is to see and do

If you are passionate about art or music, then you must include the Barbican Centre on your London itinerary.  Located in the City of London, the centre is easy to get to, especially if you are staying at one of the nearby hotels in Barbican.

The Barbican, as it is affectionately known, is the largest performance arts centre in Europe where music concerts, theatre performances, film screenings and art exhibitions are regularly hosted.  Since opening its doors in 1982 by Queen Elizabeth II, the centre’s brutalist architecture has often divided public opinion.  Some love its harsh industrial feel, while others abhor its apparent lack of elegance.  Still, the building is grade II listed and an impressive sight to behold.

So, why should you visit the Barbican?  Here is a closer look at centre and what all the fuss is about and if you need hotel nearby these locations you can stay at The Montcalm at The Brewery London City .

Entrance of the Barbican Centre

The main entrance of the Barbican is located on Silk Street.  Once you enter through its doors, you will be able to appreciate just how breathtakingly big the centre really is.  The entrance is ramped and provides lift access to all levels, making it suitable for young families as well as those who are less physically able.

The Barbican Centre Foyer

Far from just a walkway to access the Barbican Theatre and the Barbican Hall, the foyer boasts bars, cafes and restaurants.  Whether you are after some beverages or snacks, you will find something to keep you going.  If you are after a more substantial meal, try one of the hotels near Barbican, as many of them serve delicious hot food in quiet surrounds.

The Barbican Hall of the Barbican Centre

With a capacity of almost 2,000, the Barbican Hall is impressive and is home to the world famous London Symphony Orchestra as well as the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

The Barbican Centre and Lakeside Terraces

The Lakeside Terrace serves as an outdoor focal point, and sits just outside the centre’s main entrance.  It has benches and table seating dotted all over, so visitors can sit back and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

The Barbican Centre Stage Door

The stage door on Silk Street is unassuming, but it opens up to a vast and modern theatre.  Designed specifically for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the theatre can accommodate around 1,150 guests.

Interior of the Barbican Centre

As far as interior design goes, the Barbican is minimalist in style and is not particularly brightly lit.  Although this is somewhat unusual for a London landmark, it is within keeping of its brutalist exterior.

Shot of the Barbican Centre’s Ceiling

One of the most photographed spots inside the Barbican is its ceiling, which features lighting in hues of dark blue and purple.

The Barbican Centre at Night

The Barbican after dark is just as special as it is during the day, as it often hosts live music, guest DJs and late-night events.  If you love the night life, it is best that you stay at a hotel near Barbican, such as The Montcalm at The Brewery London City, so you can party the night away knowing your bed is only a few minutes away.

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