Best Activities To Indulge In London At Night

London is a fabulous city and no matter at what time of the year you pay a visit; you will find it quintessential as always. This city knows how to combine and balance the best parts just giving an eclectic mix of culture, fashion, lifestyle, and history. As the darkness falls, the city comes alive offering the visitors several things to do at night and enjoy the capital after dark. So, gear up for the most happening and once in a lifetime opportunities in London and while the night away as the whole world sleeps.

One of the best ways to enjoy the city at night is to hop on in one of the bus tours that runs all summer. London Night Tour highlights the sights and lights of the city after dark. If you choose to stay in hotels like M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel, then, you might get the benefits of arranged tour that many of the shoreditch London hotels along with other arrange. To save you from the confusion about activities to indulge in at night in London here are list of the best things to do and make most of the moments.

Watch A Show In West End
London’s vibrant theater district is one of the well loved and world known gems and while in the city you must not miss the chance to watch a show here. A soulful experience of London’s West End is when you take a trip to the theaters and watch a musical or show. And to top it all, you might also get discount tickets to the show you choose to see and have the experience of a lifetime. The shows are varied and have won the hearts of young and old alike. Once decided, you will always find a way to enjoy the West End shows during your visit in London.

Drop By At The Houses Of Parliament
One of Britain’s legendary and historic landmarks, the Houses of Parliament in the City of Westminster has its special night tour. The visitors are free to enter, sit in the public gallery and watch an ongoing parliamentary debate. Though you might not find this place an apt location to visit at night, the official works of the parliament often go on late at night so, you can make a visit and see the legislative seat of the city all by yourself. Thus, this can be your nice after dinner location that is well within the budget as well. Also, check the schedule ahead of time to avoid disappointments.

Enjoy The Scenic Beauty Of The River While Big Ben Strikes Midnight
London has many spots where you can while away the night and enjoy the silence around. One such place is the banks of River Thames that decorate into a different glory at night. You can not only enjoy the views but also get to watch the Big Ben strike midnight. Big Ben, the world famous clock, though is a sight for the day time but, it is equally impressive at night.

Not every heartwarming experience in London needs money, similarly, enjoy the dazzling sight of London’s Big Ben all lit up with lights as its outer rim glitters in the moonlight. It can be true London night time experience and also is a perfect moment to take a few clicks to capture the beautiful moment.

London Eye Ride At Night
If you think that London Eye operates only during the day then, that is not so as it is also operational during night in the Autumn, Winter and Spring months. So, if you happen to be there in any of the following mentioned months, do not forget to take a night-time ride on the London Eye and see the lit up London from a vantage point in the city. You can also go for the Day and Night Experience of the London Eye where you will get to enjoy this landmark once in the daytime and once in the night.

Ceremony Of Keys At Night
You have already heard about the ritualistic tradition of Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace but, this time you get to watch another ceremony on the historic grounds of Tower of London. Ceremony of Keys is a century old tradition, and it marks the official locking and securing of the Tower of London. The ceremony is accompanied by secret passwords, large rings of keys, military music and of course, Beefeaters. It is a free event to watch, and you will get to enjoy an unique night time experience in London.

Late Night Museum Visit
London is full of surprises, and this one might also be a surprise to you. The museums in the city do not always operate from 9 to 5. Similarly, many museums allow late night opening on selected day of the month. Popular locations like Tate Modern, British Museum, National Gallery and even the Transport Museum in London operates late on selected days. Visiting one such museum at night will help you to squeeze most culture in your trip to the city.

Live Music Performances
London is stuffed to the brim with world-class music venues for all taste and budget.  From classical to jazz and rock to pop, London will spoil you for choice as far as the music options are concerned. Just grab a drink and groove the night away to your favorite tunes. There are a plethora of venues too like St Martin in the Fields where you can enjoy music in the enigmatic candle lights, and Koko is also there where music comes alive.

Go Skating On The Ice
The best activity to indulge this winter is go skating. The city’s several pops up ice skating rinks will give both the amateurs and the experienced a chance to learn and show their best moves. What’s more? There will be live Dj music and food to keep you going. Look for the venues and get the party started this winter.

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