Best Comedy clubs in London city

Of-late, have you felt the necessity of travelling to a holiday destination? Do you feel frustrated by following the same old routine lifestyle of yours on a daily basis? It is absolutely high time you start thinking of visiting a tourist hotspot which will lead up to a complete rejuvenation of your body tissues thereby making you feel refreshed from within. Following the same things every day makes one bored and this is the reason why the necessity of travelling frequently is felt. You would definitely love the idea of taking a tour of some place interesting to be a fabulous way of unveiling yourself. It is most certainly all about how well you choose to make yourself feel comfortable and the best way is obviously by means of planning up the stuff properly.

There are several places of interest that are travel worthy. It gets difficult to choose the one among all of them. If in case you are planning to visit a city which has the eminence in offering you with a plethora of options then London is your best bet. Apart from letting you enjoy a host of fascinating travel attractions, this historically enriched city is famous for making you feel comfortable from all way round.

If you are feeling sceptical about the affordability of the trip then you can surely look ahead to book yourself one of the desirably positioned Paddington Discount hotels which will spruce up your spirit of vacation in a fabulous manner. You would definitely love the whole idea of making the most of the trip and that too in a way which will suit your vacation desires thoroughly.

If you are interested into checking out the fabulous shopping destinations then you can look ahead to pay a visit to the Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Mayfair and many other shopping destinations in the town. If you are here in London city for enjoying a weekend party then head straight to the pubs in Soho which are eminent at sprucing up your spirit of vacation to the greatest possible extent. If in case you wish to explore the theatre land, then you can look ahead to check out some of the West End theatres during your leisure time. For the art lovers, there is a large number of fabulous palaces, museums and art galleries in the city which happen to be enriching the vacation intensity of every leisure seeker.

In case if you are planning to explore some of the rip roaring array of comedy clubs in town, you need to explore the following. You would definitely like to enjoy a fabulous comedy night and your hunt for giggles will take you to the rightful place in London city.

  • The Comedy Store:

As the name suggests, it is the ultimate destination of stand up comedies in the United Kingdom. It is the largest comedy venue in the country and is best at creating certain amount of intimacy between the comic and audience. Since it is located in the heart of the city, it gets to witness a mixed crowd. It is the full time comedy club in London city. A host of great comedians were discovered over here in the Comedy Store. The names mainly include Paul Merton, Rik Mayall, Eddie Izzard, Steve Cooan and many more. Players take the stage every Sunday and Wednesday and shows off their improvisation skills.

  • Top Secret Comedy Club @ The Africa Centre:

This venue is a great alternative to several tourist tarps of the West End. It is located at a stone’s throw distance from the Piazza and is open seven nights a week. This subterranean Top Secret Comedy Club offers shows at a very low price rates. The big names performing over here include Erich McElroy, Jason Manford, Danny Bhoy, Lee Nelson and many more.

  • The Funny Side:

The comedy group runs several comedy shows in three locations in the capital city of England. The list includes the Convent Garden as well which is located right above The George pub. Over here, the show is organised on every Saturday. The club boasts of offering the guests with a friendly alternative to the hustle bustle chores of the city centre. This West End venue is a firmly established comedy circuit in London.

  • Rise of the idiots @ The Exhibit:

It is located at Balham is an appropriate place where you can enjoy the last Sunday of every month in an ecstatic manner. The club showcases the talent of some of the new stand-up comedians alongside the big name headliners. The big names include Phil Nichol, Mike Wilmot, Rob Deering and many others.

  • Clapham Comedy Club:

Visit the Bread & Roses pub in London and enjoy the host of monthly shows on the first Thursday every month in a friendly atmosphere. The pub is spread out over three floors and boasts of having well enriched with a decent beer garden.

  • Hooting Broadway:

Visit the Selkirk on the last Wednesday of every month at 8pm and you will be delighted to find yourself amid a fantastic atmosphere. This one is the hottest new comedy club in south London in its own right. You will love the experience. Enjoy the gigs with the amazing host of cocktails.

  • Outside The Box Comedy Club:

You are definitely going to feel a lot more enchanted while checking out the blissful sights and attarction of the English capital. Once you are done doing all of that, you can continue visiting this place at Kingston upon Thames which will further delight your senses from within.

It is definitely all about making your stay as delightful as you have wished for. You can never have enough of what the city strives to offer you with. Look forward to make your moments larger by means of planning the trip effectively. Without proper planning, it gets difficult to enjoy the vacation thoroughly.

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