Best day-trips from London

London offers so much to visitors it leaves them caught up in the London bubble and they end up missing out plenty of other wonderful places to visit in the UK. London has some wonderful towns and sea resorts that are worth exploring on a day trip. When choosing a location for a day-trip it is best to choose those that are easily accessible by train, making it easy to do in a day. Ideally, the trip should not be more than 2-hours by train either-way, to spend less time in travel and more time exploring the place you visit. To get the best train fare book well in advance.

When deciding about accommodation in London select a hotel in central London as it would make travel convenient. The Montcalm chain of hotels would be ideal with the Montcalm Marble Arch hotel at Park Lane close to some of the trendiest spots in town.

Another fine option is The Montcalm Royal London House hotel at Finsbury Square a short distance from some of the best attractions in the city. Both of the hotels offer excellent public transport connectivity by the rail network, tube and bus.

Some of the best places to consider for a day-trip from London are:

Brighton:  One of the top favourites with Londoners, the town has plenty of activities for the entire family. From seafront cafes and bars to vintage stores and of course, its famous pier home to amusement arcade rides is some of the top attractions in the area. The town is very liberal in its views with a very active LGBT community in the area. Two of the not-to-miss highlights in the area are its Royal Pavilion famed for its grand architectural design and the BAi360 that soars majestically more than 500 feet into the sky. Getting to Brighton takes about an hour from London Bridge station of the London Victoria rail terminus.

Cambridge: You can get to Cambridge from London Liverpool Street station in a little over an hour or within 45 minutes from Kings Cross Station. Cambridge is famous for its university and is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the UK. While in Cambridge, a not-to-miss activity is punting along the route of the Cam River that flows through the city. Visitors can choose to steer the punt themselves or sit back and relax on a chauffeured punt ride. Notable attractions to visit in the city are King’s College Chapel and the famous University Botanical Gardens.

Hastings: Located in the southeast of the country the coastal town is famous as being the location for the historic Battle of Hastings fought in 1066. Train travel to Hastings will take 120 minutes from Victoria Station and 90 minutes from St Pancras or London Charing Cross Stations. Hastings houses the steepest funicular rail line in the country. Get aboard the charming Victorian Coaches to travel to the summit of West Hill and enjoy the fantastic scenery along the route. Its recently renovated pier hosts plenty of festivals and events all through the year.

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