Best Entertainment Places in Great Britain

Great Britain is one of the most beautiful countries in the World and has many attractions which pull people towards it. There are many things that a visitor can do for the entertainment which are unique, traditional, imaginative, cutting edge, refreshing and exciting. GREAT BRITAIN has something or other to offer everyone irrespective of likings and taste for entertainment. Here are some of the best GREAT BRITAIN activities for entertainment.


Great Britain loves drama and one can enjoy a number of great and most diverse theatres in the world. You could begin with the smash shows and glitzy musicals in London’s historic ‘Theatre land’ or if you love Shakespeare head straight to the Shakespeare’s Elizabethan Globe Theatre on the south bank of the River Thames. If you have liking for the opera’s then London’s Royal Opera House is your place where outstanding opera’s takes place in Sadler’s Wells Theatre, the center of dance where you can learn everything.


Brighton is considered as a beach city and is also famous for diverse events with ample of parks and spaces for the tourists to wander around.  On the beach you can play the most exciting beach sports.  Pebble Beach is one of the most famous beaches and has something to offer to everyone.

Water sports in Bournemouth:

Bournemouth and Poole’s coast offers the tourist the best and widest range of water sports like surfing, sailing, kayaking, Jet skiing and power boating to make your trip more enthralling and adventures.  There are over 25 water sports available for the tourists and depending on the age they can choose one. Other Famous sports played in England is Cricket, Tennis, and world famous soccer. Tourists can enjoy watching a local soccer match and get the real feel of Manchester United or Liverpool.

Haunted and hidden Bristol walking tour

Tourists can enjoy all the stimulating moments and get spooky with the best haunted tours in Bristol. As it starts at 8 PM, it is not advisable for the nervous and tired public and heart patients! This can be one of the best places to enjoy and get your thrill out in the exciting night.

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