Best Of France To Get In London

France is the land boasting of over 400 delicious cheese varieties, and also it is the home for Champagne. At the same time, France is here to remind you that, it is also the birthplace of one of the most influential fashion designers of the world, Coco Chanel. These facts are reasons enough to be proud of your land yet, over 2.5 French has chosen to live outside their country with an approximately 400,000 residing in London. And this number is equal to the population of sixth largest city in France.

France is a very special place as far as food, culture, wine, architecture and scenic beauty is concerned. It can be anyone’s favorite country in the world, and they are going to love everything that is related to this country.  If your origin in French and will love to celebrate it while residing in London, then, here is the list of place where you will discover France in London.

Elena’s L’Etoile: A French Restaurant
• Travel back in time and relive those old days in a Parisian bistro every time you will step in this charming restaurant. This place from its very core of the heart is French, say whether it’s décor, menu or staff.

• Alongside the classical French dishes, there are also contemporary British dishes to enjoy. There are two things you are going to love about this restaurant, one its chocolate fondant dessert and next it’s friendly and amazing service.

• The service is fantastic as this kind of quick and efficient customer service is quite rare in London.

• As the staff is always ready o help you, they will also humor you with the history of this century-old place or stories about the photos hanging on the walls.

• It is the perfect night out a spot for anyone whether French or not. Stop by for a French treat which is rare to find anywhere else in the city.

Aux Merveilleux de Fred: French Cake Shop
• It does not matter whether you are staying at M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel and availing Special Offers Shoreditch Hotels or not, this French cake shop is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.

• This cake shop dedicates its service in two things, one its Cramiques soft brioche buns is as tasty as it looks and it also specializes in Merveilleux meringue creation. This means, your order will be made on site with absolute perfection.

• If you are unable to decide which flavor to pick, settling on hazelnut Magnifique Merveilleux is a safe and tasty pick.

• And do not get tricked by its small size as they are unbelievably rich, and you will have a hard time to finish just one.
Le Peche Mignon: French Café
• Even the hidden street off busy Holloway Road in Islington can have a hidden French gem like this independent French café and also a deli store.

• Be it any kind of food stuff you are looking, this store is the perfect hub to get those. Whether you want to start your morning with a coffee and croissant or just want to grab a freshly bakes baguette and Monmouth coffee beans to have a sumptuous breakfast at home, this place is just perfect for that.

• A range of delicious deli stuff is also available at this café like pates, cheeses, yogurts, wines, cured meat and also freshly made sausage rolls and salads for a healthy breakfast.

La Fromagerie: French Cheese
• Tucked away in comfortable Highbury Barn high street, La Fromagerie offers surprising delight of cuisine from native France.

• And not to forget, as this place is self-explanatory so, this store stocks up with some of the best cheese in the country and not just regular everyday cheese but, cheese that will melt in your mouth and of true France origin.

• It is not only the heaven of cheese, but as you will walk inside the store, there are also mixed varieties of food items kept like fresh baguettes, delicious pastries and also jars of other French delicacies lining up in the wall.

• Before buying, the staff will also let to taste a sample so that you are sure what you are buying. You can also chill out at the store’s very own café.

Frenchologie: Shopping
• France is not only about food and Frenchologie in London stands up to this notion providing a gorgeous boutique store in happening shopping district of Seven Dials.

• Here, you will find a large selection of French designer clothing and brands which aim to bring the finest collection of French savoir-faire.

• You will get every item in this shop starting from beauty treats to homeware and also deli stuff.

French Book Shops: Books
• Though you can buy stuff nowadays through online shopping even books, but nothing stands to be as pleasurable as buying books from a good old bookstore and getting their feel right in your hands.

• The dusty bookshelves and the warm, welcoming atmosphere will relax your mood every time you will walk in this bookstore.

Thus, you can very well make out that though, London is the land of British but, still its enigma to hold all cultures together is mind blowing. Going to all these places, it will be hard for you to believe that you have left France for a second as all is right here in London. From books to foods to shopping, the best of French collection is right here, and some are located right in the familiar streets from where you every day passes by.

Whether you are French or not and residing in London or not, if you ever visit this place, do not forget to check out the above-listed stores and get the real French feeling, found nowhere else. It will be an absolute delight and pleasure for you to visit the place and relive the stories and histories which these places have been bearing since ages.

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