Best Places and Attributes of Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

A survey was conducted regarding the best things in the Kensington and Chelsea areas of central London. These areas are some of the most sophisticated in London and are home to the cream of society as well as the rich and famous people including celebrities and film stars. The results of the survey are being enumerated below.

Best Museum

South Kensington was specifically developed for being home to museums and institutions for science and for the arts and as such there are many museums that compete for this title such as the V&A, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. It was difficult to choose the best among them especially when the Leighton House Museum is also a strong contender. Located on the Edge of Holland Park, it is described as “gorgeous” by Adrian Murphy and as “a truly amazing place featuring stunning Middle Eastern and North African interiors and art” by Mai Moon. It was the former home and studio of Victorian artist Frederick, Lord Leighton. It was his private palace of art for over 30 years. The borough also has other notable museums such as the National Army Museum, the Museum of Brands, 18 Stafford Terrace, Carlyle House and Kensington Palace that are great in their own respects.

 Best Pub

Boasting of a collection of Churchill memorabilia, The Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street is highly recommended by Mike Paterson as a “great fun boozer”. The Britannia having a great heritage is considered by Roisin Brennan as “a great pub” that offers “great staff, good beer, and the top notch food”. The Windsor Castle on Campdenhill Road is considered to be a great pub because of its garden and has the reputation of being the friendliest pub in Notting Hill. The Garden Bar by Latimer Road tube station at the other end of the borough is also considered to be good because of its supposedly ‘largest garden in central London’. It is still worth a try although it has become considerably gastro of late.

The Imperial College bars are great when there are no students around but you have to take the help of a student of alumnus to enter the bar. It was difficult for the survey to choose the best pub.

Best Restaurant

The area is full of great restaurants but a lot of people such as Hayley Dunlop, Fiona Healey-Hutchinson, Roisin Brennan and many others recommend Whits as it is currently ranked 14th in more than 10,000 restaurants in London. The food served here is “French British modern” and it is located on Abingdon Road. It is also dog-friendly. The other restaurants that were highly recommended include Portobello Gold, Maggie Jones, Sticky Fingers, Durbar Indian, Fitou’s Thai, Dock Kitchen, Galicia and two Mexican restaurants, Taqueria and El Camion. The Troubadour is worth a mention because it is a restaurant, cafe, wine bar, music venue, gallery steeped in history like the Coffee House kind, along with rock ‘n’ roll on Old Brompton Road.

It is best for a visitor to stay in a hotel in Kensington for ease of visiting the best places mentioned here.

Best Green Space

The clear choice was Holland Park because of its Kyoto Garden, black rabbits, peacocks and ecology centre. Next in the list is Little Wormwood Scrubs in North Kensington that also has a kids’ adventure playground.

Best Street Market

Many people believe that Portobello Market is the best but Golborne Road Market takes the honours for its variety of offerings and its local character. It offers delicious Moroccan street food, pudding a Pastel de nata from Lisboa and gardens near the canal.

Guests at Park Grand London Kensington can easily walk down to some of the places mentioned here.

Best shop

Rassels is considered the best garden centre in the borough being in business since 1897 when a florist shop was established by Charles Rassall in The Lodge. The shop front presently is an entire Georgian Square covered by a plant nursery. It also offers seasonal tips.

Best Place for Sports Activities

The Westway Sports Centre was built under the A40 Westway and is easily accessible from Latimer Road tube. It offers tennis, football, Fives, swimming, netball, horse riding, basketball, table tennis, cricket and a gym. It also has an amazing indoor climbing centre that has up to 14.5m high walls. It is very reasonable and is open to all, whether an expert or a newcomer.

Best Place to See Fringe Theatre

There are several reasons why The Royal Court on Sloane Square is worthy of this title, not least because the New York Times called it “the most important theatre in Europe”. This playhouse is located next to Sloane Square tube station and is in the midst of the shopping environment of London’s fashionable King’s Road that is always full of Chelsea shoppers. It is the place where new writing and drama talent was nurtured leading to the birth of the angry young man and the post-war British theatre. It was responsible for the abolition of Lord Chamberlain’s censorship of the stage and for the blossoming forth of the new wave, along with a new force of British dramatists and writers in the 1990s who were characterised by their gay rape, baby-eating and very bad language. The area is also home to new and alternative drama mainly because of the presence of Chelsea Theatre, the Gate Theatre, Finborough Theatre and Barons Court Theatre.

Best Oddity

The Elfin Oak in Kensington Gardens is believed to be more than 900 years old. It was originally nurtured in Richmond Park. It has a covering of small magical figures that were carved between 1928 and 1930 by Ivor Innes. It is indeed the most unusual tree in the area.

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