Best Places in London to Savor Delectable Chinese Food

London is not only a well known tourist attraction featuring plenty of architectural attractions, but it is a foodie’s paradise as well. The capital city of England is famous for all kinds of foods ranging from small plates to deserts to sweet and savoury. Just like city’s accommodation the city’s food scene has no comparison with any other thing and is all buzzing these days. Earlier, there were times when food in the city was not that well known, however with times things have changed and the food scene today is incomparable to any other city.

Since London is a city where all tourists are welcome. People come in here from different backgrounds, cultures and authenticities thus, making it multi cultural. As far as accommodation goes the marble arch by Montcalm, Manchester is the ideal option. From all kinds of cheap eats to authentic British flavours tourists shall find everything they would want to savour. Lot of Chinese expats already stay in here and many those who come are fond of Chinese cuisines. Here, we talk about some of the most prominent Chinese restaurants in London:


The name of the restaurant has quite a special significance as Baiwei in Chinese means ‘a hundred flavours’. The place serves delectable Sichuanese food featuring a great selection from the menu. The menu comprises of genuine Hunan, home-style Sichuan and other northern dishes. Everything is served here in a friendly environment. Every now and then there are newest additions in the menu. As far as Chinese food here is concerned the restaurant gives equal importance to texture and taste of the food. The food here at Baiwei has lots of dried chillies and garlic etc.

Chinese Laundry

Chinese Laundry is yet another amazing Chinese restaurant serving all kinds of traditional and modern standard Chinese dishes. Their menu has been given a makeover and the cooking is brilliantly done. Mostly the dishes are all about big pancakes and bacon etc. The restaurant accepts no booking of less than 10 people, however if you are not that big group then you may face some hesitations and bumps.

Princess Garden

If you are craving for Chinese food especially dim sums at lunchtime then there could be not better place than the Princess Garden. It is ideally located in Mayfair London offers a great mix of Cantonese fusion food which is absolutely fit for royalty. As far as dinner menu goes it includes steamed sea bass and Peking duck. Moreover, to a great surprise the restaurant is quite affordable.


This restaurant is ideally located near the Baker street tube and is known for its palatial interiors. As far as prices of the restaurant are concerned these are a big value for money. One can call for a great afternoon enjoying your favourite dim sums along with yum cha tea. The round tables at the restaurants will be occupied by the multi generational Chinese families. For those who have the taste buds to relish something meatier then one can go for the suckling pig.

Tourists coming in prefer to dine at the in house restaurants at the montcalm hotel london city.

Royal China

For a reasonably priced dim sum one can rely on the Royal China which is a flagship restaurant in Queensway. Since they don’t take prior bookings you may face a queue at the restaurant doors. The food is good, authentic and reasonably priced. They have a great selection of beef, pork and prawn wrapped in rice noodles and all covered with soy sauce. It is one of the most prominent Chinese restaurants in the capital city of England. The quality of Royal China is evenly spread everywhere with the emergence of this restaurant.

Four Seasons

Do you want to relish the juiciest roast duck? If you are food lover in that sense then you must go directly to the Four Seasons which is the ultimate place to savour all your Chinese food needs. This is a Cantonese favourite and the quality of birds served here is unbeatable. Four seasons have restaurant branches in Queensway and Chinatown.

Moreover, tourists staying at the montcalm at the brewery have all possibilities to relish the sumptuous food in houses or can try out some Chinese food at any of the given restaurants.

Oriental Dragon

Oriental Dragon in Fitzrovia is a great choice for seafood and fish. Those who have the fantasy to grab the best of sea food can visit the Oriental Dragon. Along with sea food one can order cucumber and jellyfish salad, razor clams and steamed scallops etc. The top secret brown sauce used here gives an authentic flavour to the food.

Gold Mine

Yet another ultimate restaurant which is well known for its roast meat is the Gold Mine. From the front window it can be seen hanging in the kitchen. Many visitors and students come here from Hong Kong to grab their yummy bites.

While you are in the capital city of London one can surely try out several food tours in London, however these food trips are ideal for food lovers. Visiting to these Chinese restaurants however is worth visiting for all kinds of tourists.

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