Best To Enjoy Visits to Cumberland Place

Cumberland Place is an area to explore, understand and enjoy while on tours to London.

Enjoy the beauty of London and take back with you wonderful combinations of travel ecstasies and tour delights. With the best combination of enjoyable sights and visual luxuries, Cumberland Place in London is a perfect blend of excitement and adventure. There are many entertainment spots in and around this place and the hotels near Cumberland Place only ensure one is able to enjoy all this in leisure and peace. Seep in the ambience and experience the pleasures of being in a different locale in the city. Amongst the various entertainment pleasures, The Screen in Baker Street is very famous. With two close screening rooms, and a very comfortable seating arrangement, the high tech facilities here have made it a perfect choice for film lovers. Located in the northern part of the rod it is a lovely area filled with sights of art houses and has some of the best short release films to showcase.

Wigmore Hall Delights

Wigmore Hall is an amazing place to visit in Cumberland as it is a huge concert hall which is witness to some of the best solo performances in this part of the city. Regarded as one of the best venues for such events, Wigmore hall has a combination of marble and alabaster materials. This is in fact a world away from the regular and provides one with the best padding for the booms and drums that are a part of the concerts here. There have been performances by Artur Schnabel, Myra Hess, and Camille Saint-Sans here and the place is really enchanting as well as mystical.

Exciting London Palladium

The London Palladium is a very famous theatre providing variety across the world. Stars that were earlier just heard on the radio came into the living room when London palladium started its broadcast. The façade of this building is absolutely beautiful and goes back to the classical era of the eighteenth century. The rest of the building was in fact reconstructed in the year 1910. The auditorium here is in fact the second largest in the West End area of London and is very impressive with its magnificent staircase and intricately ornamented foyer. A fountain forms the mainstay in the circle bar and adds to the luxurious feel of the place. With many Royal Variety Shows to its credit, the London Palladium today hosts musicals including the Amazing Dreamcoat, as well as other hits like chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Experience the New Diroama Theatre

This is yet another beautiful entertainment zone near Cumberland Place. Very near the Great Portland Street this 80 seater is a lovely way to presenting the major work of theatre companies from all genre like comedy to opera. This is where the Quicksilver Theatre Company made plays for all the young audience and also has used the huge space very well. There is an office space, a street front café, and also a garden area which has beautiful fountains and public arts dominating the place. There are two small spaces which are usually used for auditions, rehearsals, projects and small meetings and exhibitions.

Open Air Theatre Wonders

There is the Open Air Theatre which makes your visits to London even more eventful. With the best productions of plays like Shakespearean works and other important parts of drama and action, the theatre is certainly a must do in tours here. There is a fancy bar and restaurant. Along with a grassy patch which is used as a picnic area complete with chairs and tables. People love taking in some beverages and snacks and enjoy while they watch this in a beautiful evening. Having a brolly or a waterproof mac in case it is useful.

The Wheatsheaf

This is another lovely place to be in. It provides the mix of past culture and present tradition. This is a where stalwarts like Anthony Burges, Dylan Thomas have sipped a drink together. The pub indeed has a great literary past and has maintained its structure since years. The stain glass windows as well as the wooden paneling give it a classic look. Add to this the space upstairs where one would enjoy the comedy nights hosted here. Away from the crowd of Oxford Street and the confusion in Tottenham Court Road, this is a wonderful place for all tourists who would want to relax and rest.

Criterion Theatre

This is a lovely theatre amidst the crowd and traffic of Piccadilly Circus. This is an interesting structure of London and provides one with amazing combinations of murals and mirrors and gives one the feeling of being in a fairyland. Host too many plays of William Shakespeare it occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of many.

The Arty Gielgud Theatre

An impressive combination of art work and delightful pleasures, this is a great structure with more than four storeys forming the main façade. There are further interesting features like a stunning interior, a lavish construction, intricately designed decorated pillars. There is a Baroque feel to the whole set up and the ornamentation is really impeccable. Constructed sometime in the year 1906, this has been in the run up to historical production with many shows running for days together. There have been many interesting features in the history of this place yet some of them are the intriguing plays set up and showcased. There were important releases like “The Importance of Being Earnest” which are still top favorites here.

With so much to do and much more to explore, Cumberland Place certainly comes across as a cauldron of museum pleasures, theatre experiences and amazing tradition. It gives the tourist the reason to experience a different world in the world of tours and travel excitement. Visiting London is filled with much more than one can imagine and it is these small time pleasures that go a long way to making bigger impacts in the minds of the tourists.

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