Best ways to get into London from your airport

When you arrive in London and get off a long flight, you will want to be able to get to your hotel quickly and easily.  Luckily, in London there is a wide variety of ways to travel in the capital, making the transition from passenger to holiday maker really easy.

The city has five major airports serving it, the biggest of which is undoubtedly Heathrow. Stansted and Gatwick receive a significant number of flights each year, while some passengers fly into Luton and City Airports. National Express is a major coach company which runs daily services between all the airports apart from City, offering a range of times for passengers to catch a coach into the centre of the city. It is not necessarily the cheapest option available, but they are a reliable service that offers decent quality travel. Other bus services are available at the arrivals lounge that are more cost-efficient, although prepare yourself for a longer journey to your destination.

By far the most popular way to leave the airport in London is to hop on to the Tube, which will take you to anywhere in the capital for very little cost. The Piccadilly Line runs right to the door at Heathrow Airport, but it is a long line and can take up to an hour to get into central London. You may also find yourself bunched in with commuters, and struggle to get a spot for your luggage. Much faster is the Heathrow Express, a direct line which runs every 15 minutes. This is however much more expensive, but you do pay for comfort and convenience. Also worth considering is the Heathrow Connect train, which is half the cost of Heathrow Express and only ten minutes slower. You can book your connection transport online before you have even landed to make the transition even smoother.

Of course, if you want a personal service and don’t want to travel on the train, taxi cabs and private cars are available at every airport to take you to your destination. This is a good choice if you have not travelled light and have lots of bags you want to get to the airport. If you are flying in to Heathrow, the Shaftesbury hotels around west London including Paddington, Kensington, and Earls Court are not far away by car. Guard against this though if you are staying on the other side of London, as traffic could slow you down and make the journey very expensive.

At the other major airports, Stansted and Gatwick, they also offer a swift Express train service to the door of the airport, though normal train links are available. Though van-style shuttle buses are popular elsewhere in the world, they are few and far between at London’s airports, though can be sought out for a good price if you try.

When you are searching for hotels near the airport in London, look no further than the spectacular array of accommodation offered by Shaftesbury Hotels group. There is one of the group’s hotels that is right next to Heathrow Airport, providing easy accommodation to those flying into London. Each of its hotels are boutique in concept and lavishly furnished to offer its guests a great place to stay. Exclusivity comes naturally to the Shaftesbury staff who know how to treat their guests well. You can see out a great deal online for a stay at BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel.

From the Park Grand London Kensington, to the Grande Royale London Hyde Park and the London Premier Kensington and Notting Hill, Shaftesbury guest can enjoy sumptuous dining, first class facilities including swimming pools, gyms, and spas, and beautifully crafted bedrooms and suites that afford the guest maximum comfort and enjoyment. There are 17 London hotels to choose from, in Piccadilly, Paddington, Hyde Park, Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate, and Heathrow. Each offer a gateway to the attractions that London has to offer.

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