Biking one’s way through London

Though the black cabs of London, driven by the expert drivers who are qualified to be well versed in the Knowledge, may seem like an efficient option to make use of when it comes to travelling within the city, there is, as a matter of fact, a healthier and more cost efficient option and it is good to know that if one makes use of it, he or she can have a greater interactive experience with the city and may even create more memories.

The opportunity which is being talked about is that of the visitor to the city using the bike share program which is in practice or existence to go from place to place. There has been a trend which has been observed, of cycling growing in precedence in London, and it can be said that an inflection point was the RideLondon cycling festival which took place in August of 2013.

The bike share program in London was started by the Mayor, Boris Johnson in the 2010 and as a result, they are sometimes colloquially referred to as ‘Boris Bikes’, due to their relation with the larger than life mayor. More formally known as the Barclays Cycle Hire Program, cycles which are hired under the programme make for a great way to commute in London if the distance one plans on travelling is not very lengthy. Taking into account the fact that there are more than eight thousand cycles which are used in the program, even though London is home to millions of people, there should be a cycle which is free to be hired; provided one gets to it in time!

The bike hire program represents great value, especially for short trips which last less than a duration of thirty minutes. This is because there is no charge to hire the cycle for this duration. Beyond this time threshold, the rental cost ranges from a pound for an hour to fifty pounds for a full twenty four hours. There is, however, a registration fee of two pounds for twenty four hours, which can be paid using a debit or credit card. Though one may think that docking the bike every half an hour will render the most value and this is theoretically true, it works out to be impractical and it makes a tad more sense to dock it every two hours so one is not distracted from seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of London.

Biking around London is made far simpler by not having to return the bike to the point it was picked up from. This allows for one to see London on a rolling basis. For example, biking up a bike near Buckingham Palace and taking it to the Natural History Museum or British Museum, and then picking another one up there are dropping it off at some other place. One should be aware that it is good to have a hotel which is conveniently located so that there is minimal cycling to be done and this leaves more time to explore the attractions of the city and the city itself. As a result, a hotel in London’s Hyde Park should more than suffice. The Grand Royal London Hyde Park provides value, which when combined with a good location provides a proposition which is hard for other hotels to contend with!

It should be noted, however, that Barclays is not the only source of bikes which are available on rent. In fact, there are better deals to be had, especially if one is interested by the prospect of renting a bike for a relatively longer term. There is On Your Bike, which is located in the city centre. Rather than the fifty pounds it would cost to rent a Boris Bike for a twenty four hour period, doing so using On Your Bike results in a cost of just eighteen pounds. It is really cost effective as a full week’s time can be had, with a rented cycle, for just forty five pounds!

Convenience seems to be the buzz word of the concept of bike hiring as one can use the mobile app [available on Ios& Android] to check for bike availability instead of reaching the stand and being rendered disappointed, potentially. The best way to see a city is to go through it at a pace which suits an individual, as every individual is unique and is likely to wish to see things at a unique pace. Though London may be a large, sprawling city, for pockets of it, at a time, it makes great sense to hire a bike and pedal away at one’s own furious or leisurely pace!

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