Boast A Boutique Stay in Scotland

There’s nothing like a short break to recharge the old batteries, to swiftly get away from it all and allow yourself to make the most of a little relaxation and revitalisation. One of the best city’s the treat yourself to a stylish sojourn to is doubtlessly the historically rich and culturally fantastic city of Edinburgh. With so much to offer guests to see and do – whether you’re happy navigating your way around the pretty cobbled streets and checking out some of the stunning Edwardian architecture and historically significant buildings or if you’re hoping to dip into a few art galleries and museums, this is a pick for you. What’s more there’s plenty of amazing shopping opportunities and great places to eat and drink.

If you’re looking to indulge and treat yourself or a loved one then booking a beautiful boutique hotel is surely the right way to go about it. A boutique hotel offers the very best of both words. It allows guests a stay that is positively dripping in luxury while maintaining a true air of warmth, cosiness and comfort and so you will feel very much at home surrounded by so much sumptuous charm.

Edinburgh no doubt offers plenty in terms of  luxury accommodation and fabulous hotels but Edinburgh Boutique Hotels are surely where it’s at. Offering a stunning suite of fabulous boutique hotels all offering a little something special and unique. Check out some top picks.

Apex City Hotel

This offers a decidedly perfect pick for both the business and the leisure traveller allowing you the very best of both worlds. With a decidedly central stay right at the pulsing heart of the city this stunning hotel allows guests to truly immerse themselves in all the spirit and atmosphere of the city. With a sleek contemporary design that is at once chic and modern and relaxing and cosy this stunning stay makes an idyllic pick for you.

The Glasshouse

If you’re looking for luxury  meets comfort right at the city’s thriving centre then look no further than the stunning stay that is Ednburgh’s The Glasshouse. This great hotel truly offers it all – with spacious and airy rooms fitted with absolutely everything you and your family may or may not need to make you feel at home alongside a range of some excellent facilities plus an expansive and luxuriant hotel restaurant to truly indulge.

Nira Caledonia

If you’re idea of luxury in the Scottish capital comes closer to something a little more wistful and antiquated as opposed to chic and modern then the stunning stay that is the Nira Caldedonia is without a doubt the right one for you. Offering an old world elegance and a classical charm – this stunning stay steeps you in all the luxury and style of the Edinburgh of yore.

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