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The Brockley area of London has been one of those family friendly places known only to the inhabitants for the students who would be studying at the New Cross for them it is a beautiful locality with all the amenities and for the localities they are quite cool and friendly neighbours but the place has a lot more to offer than it meets the eyes. This part  of the South east London may not be quite a hit with the travellers, but it is coming up to the standards for sure and it is getting all the well-deserved attention it should be getting. The place has flourished with lanes of independent beautiful and quite cosy cafes serving almost all the refreshments that are loved by the young and the old, the place gives a lot of community feeling and it seems as if dwelled by close knit communities. The place has Victorian villas and apartments and people have been dwelling in those from quite a long time now and this place is quite close to the Central London which has all the hustle and bustle.

This beautiful neighbourhood is in between the Camberwell College of Arts and the Goldsmiths and the place has a creativity attached to it and it gets symbolised by the artists who come to thrive here and the ritual has been on for past many years .Artistic events are hosted around in this area and have been doing for a long time now and some of the best known events which are also the talk of the town is annual Brockley Open studios  one of the events followed by the locals and the not so locals. Other events which are quite popular and eagerly welcomed are the Brockley Mix and Midsummer Fayre those two can make you go wild you have artists from across the globe come and participate and people also line up to enjoy the shows being hosted here. One of the local theatres has a lot of potential and if you ask the theatre lovers, they will recommend you to visit the Jack Studio Theatre. The place is a mix bag and you can find people from around the globe some of them have been studying while some working others have been here since the beginning and all of them give this place its identity, there is diversity and this is what it represents in short.

The Map
On the map of London when you look for the Brockley you know it is in the south and also to the east part of the city located in the Borough of the Lewisham the place is encapsulated by the New Cross area and the eastern part of Peckham and it covers over an area of three post codes.

History of Brockley
The name has a resonance from the word brook but the place was surrounded by farms and orchids  and different types of vegetation were available it was a small hamlet with none of what that is here now but during the eighteenth century period there was a family called Tyrwhitt Blake the gentleman and the lady of the family thought of following the path of industrialization and thus gave birth to these mammoth Victorian villas, they took this opportunity to transform the place into a suburban and hence the picture came into being as it is today and those villas built during those times are still a reflection of the Blake family’s thought. During an exhibition held at The Montcalm brewery hotel on chiswell street London there was a small narrative on this part of the London and the conceptualisation was quite appreciated by the people gathered in there and there was a further interesting part that came out that they were generally factory owners or industrialists of those times dwelling in those houses till the early nineteenth century times and beyond that they began to distance themselves from this neighbourhood. World war two was the time when there was a lot of destruction and damage in that area, but this part was rebuilt with two of the art colleges near this area and eventually the place earned the reputation of  a creator’s paradise with budding to amateur artist’s residing in that area.

The place has no underground station like the rest of the city parts, although it makes up for the loss by an overground station, which takes you to the London Bridge and the Victoria it takes hardly twenty minutes to reach the places and also there is a National rail service  facility also available to the people. Apart from railway, bus facilities are quite frequent in this part both during the day and the night times and it is to help you reach out to the Central and the southern parts of the city.

The place has quite a few options like the Arlo and Moe  it has been built during the 1950s a famous joint with the locals and you can almost walk into your next door neighbour who might be raising a toast. The food selection in the menu is awesome you can have an affordable meal and drop in here to have baked beans with feta cheese not to miss the avocado, you can often see people bringing in their cavalier king charles spaniel puppies while they just came out for a stroll thought of having tea and cakes. The other place is Mo Pho a Vietnamese restaurant serving some real delicious south Asian cuisines and I bet you may not be able to skip those it also has an option of take away. My friends from the London city suites just made it to the London Beer Dispensary not at all an overrated place, but the signature style of refilling from the barrel or keg makes it all the more special and it brings out the freshness of the beer to the drinkers apart from that you can have some finger licking and delicious burgers and that’s it as you spend the evening in peace with your mate by your side as you sip through the freshly served beer.

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